But Is She Qualified?

If you’re a reader who doesn’t know me, then you’re probably wondering what makes me qualified to have a makeup blog, and what do I have to offer so that you’ll return to read it.  So I’ll offer you a quick run-down of what I consider my qualifications.

I’ve been a makeup lover and collector since high school. My best friend at the time introduced me to big time department store brands, and I quickly jumped head first into my first major brand: Lorac. My friend would always tell me that your face is the first thing people see when they meet you, and the one thing they’ll remember, not the tags on your clothes, so put some money into your face. Plus, it’s the only face you’ll ever have. I’ve never forgotten that, and makeup became my passion.

Let me start by saying that I have a ridiculously large amount of makeup…yes, probably one of the biggest collections you’ve ever seen. I fully admit to being a makeup addict/collector. It’s my passion and pretty much my only significant hobby. I’ll be posting pictures of my collection once I get it reorganized from the holidays (I had to pick and choose what I took with me which was HARD!).

Now, as far as application goes…I’m well practiced. I get up at least 2 hours before I have to be anywhere (including work, which meant 4:30 some days!) so that I can do a full makeup application. I do full eyes with at least 4-6 colors usually. I haven’t had as much practice on other people as I’d like, but I’m working on it. About two months ago (Halloween ’08) I was hired to be a freelance/on-call makeup artist for MAC.  Though I have not had a call yet, I am hopeful that I’ll get at least a few this year and it’ll make me a better artist.

Overall, I’m a very picky girl. I know what I like and what I don’t. I LOVE makeup and am willing to try lots of different kinds. So keep up with me and you’ll get to see some great looks (OTT and natural kinds), honest reviews, and other crazy ramblings.  So stay tuned!!!


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