Hard Work!!

Some of you might be wondering how my free-lancing job went today. One down, two to go. It was some HARD work!!! I got there early, was given my (kind of bare) brush belt, a quick tour around the inside of the counter, and a run-down of what to do. I think I handled everything pretty well.

I did 2 full make-overs and a few eye-demos. Other than that, I was the basic counter girl. I helped everyone who came up with everything they needed. The hardest part about the free-lance work is that I can’t actually do the checking out, so I have to ask all of the others to do the transactions for me, and I feel like I annoy them by always asking. But it’s ok cuz I did what I could to help out, always working, cleaning something, putting something away, asking people if they needed help, and trying my best not to get in the way…OMG it’s so hard to squeeze by people behind that counter hehe :-)

Tomorrow will probably be kinda nuts being Valentine’s Day and all. Doing the make-overs is only difficult because I don’t have everything I need right there near me. I have to go hunting for stuff, or someone else might be using it, or I just can’t find the color I need, etc. My feet hurt so so so so so bad, I can’t even explain it. It reminds me of my wedding day how much they hurt and continue to hurt even after I’m off of them!

Anyway, the other thing that kinda sucked was how many things they were out of. The counter is actually pretty tiny, but were sold out of so many things – I just hate showing people gorgeous colors that they fall in love with, then having to tell them we’re out…it’s just a yucky feeling.

All in all, it was really fun and I came out smiling (and rubbing my feet)! I’m not scared to go back in tomorrow, and I know by Sunday I’ll have it down. Free-lancing is perfect for me, because it’s fun for a few days…a few times per year :-) but it is hard work!

Now I know why artists that get to work in the stores have to first put in their dues at a counter! ;-)


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  1. Melissa W Says:
    February 16th, 2009 at 2:04 AM

    I’m SO glad you liked it and it went well!!! I hope the other two days were even better!! Happy Birthday again!! Love you and miss you!! :-)


    Heather Reply:

    Thanks Melissa!


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