Look: Expensive Pink & Purple

I have a lot of favorites, but I think Expensive Pink is a color that’s been overlooked for FAR too long! It’s one of my new favorites. I swear it’s the best Veluxe Pearl shadow that MAC has, IMO. The color is duochromed: sorta pink, sorta coral, hints of gold and peach. I LOVE it, and if you don’t have it already, get it!



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Electro Sky PP (base), Winter Sky (inner lid), Expensive Pink (middle & upper lid), Nile (outer lid & crease & lower lashline), Seedy Pearl (highlight), UD 24/7 Rockstar liner, Chanel Exceptionnel mascara
  • Cheeks: Chanel Tweed Rose Blush
  • Lips: Chanel Wild Rose Glossimer

See more pictures as always :-)













6 Responses to “Look: Expensive Pink & Purple”

  1. Lynn Says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    I agree about Expensive Pink..really pretty color..looks great! what brush do you use to blend your shadows. Seems like I blend too much and then it all kind of runs together.Your blending takes away the edges,but we can still see the colors,in other words,perfect blending! also,your hair is so shiny..what is your secret?


    Heather Reply:

    My favorite brush is the 213 fluff brush. I use it to put on most of my shadows. Then for the crease area I like the new one that came out with BBR: 226 or the older one that looks like it is good too. I try to put it on a little lightly near the edges so that they’ll blend better. Haha my hair is shiny? I don’t have a secret…wish I did though! Thanks! I use whatever’s in the shower at the moment…right now I think it’s Biolage or something?


    Lynn Reply:

    hmmm..I have the 213..time to get it out and use it! I’ve been using 239 on lid & 226 & 224 in crease,then 217 to blend and sometimes even 227…but I can see where the smaller 213 would get the shadow placement just right,then the other sizes to blend..will try tomorrow! thanks!

    p.s. lucky you to have natural shiny hair..


    Heather Reply:

    I know the 239 is the “cult fav” but I dunno, I’ve always reached for my 213. I use a different, fluffier brush for my highlight color so it doesn’t stick out so much. I also like the 224 in the crease!

  2. Jinnzor Says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 12:32 PM

    That looks gorgeous! I love Expensive Pink too :)


    Heather Reply:

    Thanks! Yeah, I’ve declared it one of my new favorites.


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