Review: Chanel Tweed Blush Duos

If you’ve followed my posts lately, you might have noticed that I’ve been consistantly using Chanel Tweed blushes. There are 4 out, but I only picked up 3…Rose, Pink, & Corail (Coral).


They’ve been out for a long time, but I’ve always passed them by because they didn’t look special at the counter. I had some items to return (which meant money to spend), so I thought I’d give them a try. The Chanel MA told me how she loved them, so ok.

She was right! I love them too! They give my cheeks a nice sheen and the color isn’t overdone. I like how it’s buildable and doesn’t apply too much with the first swipe. I’m not sure about the gold shimmer on top – I don’t think it’ll last, like an overlay. It’s a shame too because I love shimmer. But on the other hand, it’s good because I’m gettin older…errr at least I will be gettin older, so I need some cheek colors that have a nice texture, aren’t matte, but aren’t too shimmery either.

All in all, they were worth it, and I’m really happy with them. Overall Coloruza raiting: 4 out of 5. They’re not my omg perfect blushes, but they’re up there in my favorites, and I’m sure I’ll be reaching for them for a while :-)

Have you tried them? What do you think?

See some close-ups! 

chanel-tweed-blushes-5Tweed Rose

chanel-tweed-blushesTweed Pink

chanel-tweed-blushes-4Tweed Corail


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