Review & Swatches: Kat Von D Eye Palettes

Kat Von D Gypsy Palette (3)

When these first came out, I thought it was kinda gimicky and I don’t usually go out and get stuff from brands I don’t know and trust. After hearing about it by roaming throught the beauty blog world, I caved…and my expectations were low, so WOW did I get blown away!

I’ve actually been putting off this review for a long time because when I think about how much I love these, the words escape me, and I’m not sure how to explain myself. Seriously though, these are fantastic shadows. The colors are rich and pigmented. The texture is soft and powdery (in a good way). The color range is really good too, and I really like how Kat Von D has put thought into them. I only got three (or is that all there is?): Beethoven, Ludwig, and Gypsy. Everything from the artwork on the boxes to the beautiful packaging to the names of the colors reflects her perfectly. She paid attention to detail, and I appreciate that. I don’t think she’s one to sit on the sideline and let others come up with stuff for her to just “approve” (though I don’t know this for certain). The names are recognizable – especially if you watch LA Ink, which I do. I’ve watched her since she was on Miami Ink actually. I’m secretly fascinated by tatoos. I don’t have any, and will most likely (never say never) never get one. Part of it is the artistry – I can blend colors, but I can’t draw worth a darn! I admire the talent of tatoo artists!

There were only two things I didn’t like: one was that one cream Brass Knuckles shadow – the texture sucks on that one; and two: Lucifer is the same color in all 3 palettes, but hey with only one bad color in the 3 palette bunch, I’m still happy. :-) I highly recommend these palettes for eyeshadow lovers.

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Look: Girlish Romp Epic Fail!

I love my MAC, and everyone who knows me knows that, but this Girlish Romp MES quad was a complete and utter epic FAIL! Wow, I did my eyes using those 4 colors and I swear I looked like a zombie or dead or something. It was really bad. I’ll completely admit that there are looks that I do that I’m not so happy with, or that I think just aren’t very good…def. not worth doing again, but I rarely feel that they were a complete failure…here you go! I think I’m going to leave this post “Uncategorized” so it won’t show up if people were to do searches by color or brand.

The colors are like washes…seriously NO pigmentation. I really got it for that awesome looking golden white because I could see it as an amazing highlight…nope. Not even that one was worth it. I had to go over every one of those colors with some stronger colors, but that still didn’t seem to save me. Anyway, here is my failure of a look. :-( This item will be going back to the store VERY soon…

Girlish Romp Total Fail Look (16)

Girlish Romp Total Fail Look (4)

For this look I used (but wished I didn’t):

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Girlish Romp MES quad, then I tried to fix it with: Rule (inner lid), Parfait Amour (middle lid), Heritage Rouge Pigment (outer lid & crease), Smolder (liner – also a big mistake), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Daft Pink mineralized blush
  • Lips: Bobbi Brown Baby Peach Metalic lip colour

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Twitter & Facebook: A Shameless Plug

I don’t have time to do a whole post tonight (sorry…maybe in the morning?), but I thought I’d do a shameless plug and ask you to join me on Twitter and Facebook! I’ve posted a lot of my favorite looks on Facebook, and I try to keep it updated as much as I can. Become a fan of Coloruza on Facebook!!! (There’s also a link on the right of this page…if you haven’t noticed haha!) And Twitter…well, it’s like being able to instant message with me sorta. I didn’t “get it” for a long time, but it’s really cool and I’m hooked now! Kelly from VampyVarnish recently did a post explaining all about Twitter and the benefits of joining (plus she’s doing a give-away!). I think she did a perfect job – better than I could. Heck, I already won a free nail polish just from being on Twitter, so it’s cool – join us (please) and stay updated! I promise it’ll be lots of fun! Love Ya!!


Look: Fresh Cut Palette

Ever since I discovered the MAC holiday palettes, I’ve loved them. I didn’t used to be a palette girl because I make my own, and don’t want to carry around a bunch of little ones. But these are really really good. The quality is above what I would expect from a smaller shadow and the texture is often better than their usual shadows. They’re all new LE colors too, which is great because I’m really tired of them putting perm or repromote colors in their palettes. This and the Graphic Garden palette are part of the Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive release. If you like pinks, this one is worth a look. I really like it :-) What do you think?



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Fresh Cut Palette, Raven Kohl Power (liner), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Daft Pink mineralize blush
  • Lips: Pink Karat lusterglass

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Look: Hawaiian Dress Day @ School with Dior Purple Jazz Club

Please excuse the stupid silly look today…the whole outfit kinda sucks, but I gotta participate to show my school spirit you know?

I don’t like the Dior Jazz club palettes. They’re nothing special and there’s really only 2 shadow colors. Meh, not impressed. I already have a purple liner…and the “topcoat” is lame! I’m gonna try to take them back. What do you think (silly outfit aside)? The lip combo though…wowie! TDF! Sparkle for days :-) Made me stare at my lips all the way to school LOL!



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Dior Purple Jazz Club #002 Palette (includes liner), Vellum (highlight), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Gleeful mineralize blush
  • Lips: High Top lipstick (Fafi) + Chanel Summer Plum Glossimer

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Poll: Should I Change the Background Color?

The reason I ask is because sometimes, the colors in the pictures seem a little off – like yesterday’s post looks grayish, when it should look kinda blueish. I like the black background – it makes my site a little more different and unique, and I still don’t know if I want to change it, but we’ll see what you all answer. I always thought black was perfect for makeup because it lets the true colors shine through… Let me know what you think! Thanks! :-)

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Look: Awesome Frosted Lips w/ Blue Eyes

Before I move on to the cosmetics of this post, I have to give a shout out to my girls: Marie & Christie! My husband and I went up to Santa Barbara this weekend to visit our friends Taylor and Marie. We also met up with my husband’s college roommate Eric, and his fiancée Christie! This was my first time meeting Christie, and the first thing she asked me was what look I was wearing (to be posted soon), then she said she was a big fan of my blog and was even sporting the Honey Love look! OMG I was soooooo flattered! It was just neat! So I gotta say HI! and thanks for reading my blog! Marie reads too, and was telling me about how several of her coworkers do too – and I was just so surprised, because I don’t know who reads/looks unless they leave a comment. So here’s a shout-out to Marie’s friends and coworkers at the iMac store (not to be confused with the MAC store lol)!

Ok…on to the makeup…

I’m a huge fan of frosted lip colors. It’s hard finding good ones though, so I’m highly impressed with MAC’s Madly Creative lipstick which came out with Colour Craft. As for the Fashion Patch MES quad…meh. It’s ok…not bad enough to take back, but not good enough to rave about either. Stay tuned though…I’ll be raving about some quad’s I’ve discovered (not so new, but I just jumped on the bandwagon) very soon!



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Fusion Gold + Metal Blu Metal X cream shadows (base), Fashion Patch MES quad, Bobbi Brown Sapphire Ink (liner), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Daft Pink mineralized blush + Shell Pearl Iridescent Powder
  • Lips: Madly Creative l/s

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Look & Review: Dior Amber Design Quint

I’m not a huge fan of Dior quints only because their pigmentation is usually too weak for my taste. The quality is great, but most of the time the colors muddy together on my lid.

That being said, I have very mixed feelings about this particular “quint” which I wouldn’t even say is a quint because it only has 4 eyeshadow colors, and one of those is only a “shine” color. In place of the 5th color is a brown gel (I think) liner. To be honest, I felt jipped! I have a ton of brown eyeliners! Ah well, I do see the value in having everything all together in one place I suppose, and to give it credit, the liner was very nice and dark, so it worked well with the palette.

The shadow colors themselves, are pretty nice. They’re not incredibly unique, but they’re very pretty. I love golds and coral colors and browns. It creates a nice soft look, which is great, but not what I’m all about, you know? The shadows are soft and go on smoothly. And on a side note…I’m really liking this lip combo! :-)

What are your thoughts?



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Dior Amber Design quint (as suggested – including liner), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Cheek & Cheerful mineralized blush
  • Lips: Bobbi Brown Brown Metalic lip color + Nice Mix Up tri-color lipgloss

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Look: Color Crafted Cheeks

These mineralized blushes from MAC’s Color Crafted Collection are some of the prettiest blushes ever. The swirl of colors is brilliant. I may have gone a bit overboard with the cheek color today, but I can’t help it. I love the way it looks, especially up against a red shirt. :-) The eyes using pretty much just that little quad, also came out great. So far, I’m impressed with the few products I’ve tried from this glorious launch!



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Cash Flow PP (base), Natural Flare MES quad, Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer Ink (liner), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Style Demon mineralize blush + Porcelain Pink MSF
  • Lips: Naked Paris l/s + Gold Rebel lipglass

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Look: My Turquoise Best Look

I adore wearing teals and turquoise. My absolute favorite look I’ve ever done on myself is my Icy Blue Clouds Look. I decided to do something similar for my look for a nice dinner out for my husband’s 27th birthday (Happy Birthday Jason!) I swear, this has to be one of my favorite lip combos too. What do you think? I put this look up on MUA, and mostly got raving comments, but some thought it was over done, too much, or just not their style with so much bold bright color. To each their own, right? :-)



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Yaby light and dark teal (base), Crystal Avalanche (inner lid), Warm Chill + Parrot (middle lid), Gulf Stream (outer lid), Stormwatch (crease), a touch of Bobbi Brown Caviar shadow in the crease, Sugarshot (highlight) UD 24/7 Electirc (lower lashline), Smolder (upper lashline & waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Hot Planet mineralized blush duo
  • Lips: Lollipop Loving l/s + Mimmy lipglass

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