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I love palettes.

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Let me tell you a story…once upon a time, I had so many individual pots of MAC shadows, that I filled an entire makeup trunk case. What ended up happening was that I’d use the newest ones that were sitting on top, and almost never again see the ones on the layers underneath. Of course we all know that with the way MAC comes out with collections (every other week it seems like), those shadows got burried before even being used sometimes!

Then I discovered depotting.

A long, long time ago, an MA briefly whispered to me that I could depot with a candle…just put the pot over the candle to loosen the glue, and it pops out! Stupid me (this was before youtube btw) didn’t take out the inside, and just put the poor shadow above the flame which burned off the sticker and practically caught my shadow on fire…that shadow remains, to this day, the only MAC shadow I do not know the name of (it’s dark purple).

Now that I know the iron method, it works beautifully. My parents own a sign shop that my mom runs up in the Sacramento area, so she makes the little magnetic discs that I put on the back. Once I had some of those, I went to town and depotted well over 100 shadows all in one night, with a glass of Chardoney and my best friends over for a sleep-over. It was the greatest feeling ever – being so organized and having them at the tips of my fingers…ahhhh…wait….gotta organize them….which one is where?…I have to open 15 palettes to find it….Noooooo!

Enter: ZPalette.

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One of the most ingenious things, and my favorite part, about the ZPalette is that the top is clear. Omg, duh! I only wish I had found it sooner. Wow, being able to see the colors that are in each palette = a serious time saver. I understand that I’m a huge exception to the norm – I have so many eye shadows and blushes, that I do not need one palette to hold both, because I have enough of each for them to have their own. However, the ZPalette has one huge space that is not divided into sections. It can hold shadows from different brands that are different shapes: MAC, UD, NARS, MUFE, and the list goes on. You could also put blushes and shadows in the same palette, take it with you, and save time and space. Genius!

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ZPalettes come in two sizes: small and large. The small ($14) holds 9 MAC-sized shadows in a square. The large one ($20) holds an impressive 28 MAC-sized shadows (7×4). No, they’re not as cheap as the MAC palettes, and if you’re getting the small…you might as well get the large! Do the math! $20 holds 28 which is 2 short of twice as many as 2 MAC palettes, so really it comes out the same money wise. Plus, the space it saves! There’s none of that inbetween stuff to take up room, and bottom line is, you need less of them! I have 15 palettes people! That’s a LOT, and they won’t fit anywhere….can’t even pick them all up with one hand. These will consolidate my massiveness that is my eyeshadow collection.

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Even though they’re all that…I still wish…

…that they were made of plastic. I get that they’re all about recycling, so it’s made out of hard core paper, but I don’t intend on recycling this – I want to use it forever!

…that the magnatism was stronger. When I have the label on the bottom of my magnet on the MAC shadows, they don’t “stick” to the bottom. They will slough around. I REALLY wish they held the shadow in place better, in case I don’t have a full palette. But for now, they just need to be pretty full for vertical storage and travel…or maybe I just need stronger magnets, haha!

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All in all, I love ZPalettes! The large one really meets my needs, and I can’t wait to consolidate. Plus, the creater, Zena (love that name) is super nice, and they have great customer service! Now the only problem is…what to do with the old MAC palettes? ;-)

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8 Responses to “Review: ZPalettes”

  1. Shamini Says:
    September 10th, 2009 at 7:59 AM

    You can donate your old MAC-palettes to me, if they need a new and loving home! ;)


  2. Melissa W Says:
    December 1st, 2009 at 8:06 AM

    I remember the depotting night!! Miss you!!


  3. Madde Says:
    August 25th, 2010 at 10:29 AM

    PLEASE tell me you brought all the de-potted pots back to MAC and got 16 lipsticks !


    Heather Reply:

    LOL I did take several sets back to MAC, but sometimes they will say it has to have the tin part in it. Ah well, I’ve gotten several free lipsticks. Problem is that any new l/s that I want are usually new releases (limited edition) which they won’t give me until 3 days after launch. Some will sell out by then!


  4. Jaime Says:
    June 25th, 2011 at 8:24 PM

    what is that gorgeous green color?? :)


    Heather Reply:

    That’s One-Off Starflash shadow by MAC. :-)


    Jaime Reply:

    thank you!


  5. Jaime Says:
    June 25th, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    its in the one that holds 9 shadows…


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