NOTD: Nfu Oh #63

When I first got into nail polish, these are the kinds that really HOOKED me into wild and amazing colors. Who knew this was even possible?! These are called holographic polishes, or holo for short. I guess it’s really fine glitter or something, but in the sun, these look like moving rainbows on your nails. And no one does holos like Nfu Oh (pronounced N-foo-oh), a Korean-based polish company, only available through (free shipping in the US). Pricey at $12 per bottle, but worth every penny.

Nfu Oh #63 (5)

Nfu Oh #63 (8)

These pictures are taken with the flash. You’ll have to read on to see it’s true glory in a sun picture!!! Oh…and I didn’t take a specific bottle picture, but these are some of the most beautiful bottles out there. It’s like the bodess of a dress…with corsette/bustier and all! Nfu Oh polishes don’t have names, only numbers. This happens to be #63, which is a pink based holo. See more gorgeousness!!! 

Nfu Oh #63

Nfu Oh #63 (13)

Nfu Oh #63 (12)

Nfu Oh #63 (11)

Nfu Oh #63 (10)

Nfu Oh #63 (9)

Nfu Oh #63 (7)

Nfu Oh #63 (6)

Nfu Oh #63 (4)

Nfu Oh #63 (3)

Oh these sun pics!!! These are in my car on the way to work (the ones without the bottle). Can you hear the angels singing?! :-)


4 Responses to “NOTD: Nfu Oh #63”

  1. christie Says:
    May 17th, 2010 at 12:07 AM

    wow! seriously the most unique nail polish i’ve ever seen! i’m really enjoying these nail blogs. you inspired me to paint my nails today (which hasn’t happened since the wedding)


    Heather Reply:

    I know right?! What color did you paint them?


  2. Belle Says:
    June 1st, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    I love it! May I ask what base coat you used with this polish? I heard that holos are quite tricky to use with typical base coats. Wouldn’t know because all my holos are untried!


    Heather Reply:

    Sure! I used Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler and a coat of Barielle strengthening base coat. You should try your holos! :-)


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