Award: Versatile Blogger

Jbrobeck of Polish Insomniac tagged me for this award! Thanks girl!!! :-) I’m gonna change the rules a little – I’ll give you 12 facts about myself, then tag 7 other blogs (instead of the other way around). So here it goes…

  1. When I was little I twirled the baton. I took lessons once a week from 4th grade through 8th grade, but I never practiced, so I wasn’t very good.
  2. I was a pretty good flute player. I made county and state bands, got top scores at solo and ensemble competitions, and was 1st chair in my school band.
  3. Speaking of band, I was drum major of my high school marching band junior and senior year. I was the queen of marching! Band was a huge part of my life – I even met my husband in the UCLA marching band in 2001 :-)
  4. I’m a Mathematician, but my mental math is not great. I can easily integrate functions in my head though!
  5. As you probably noticed in my makeup shots, I have a birthmark under my left eye. For every person who tries to tell me that I have makeup or mascara smudged under my eye, then feels stupid when I point out that it’s my birthmark, I wonder how many others think that but don’t say anything. Kinda makes me sad, because I actually like my birthmark.
  6. I have no desire to have kids right now, but I love watching birthing shows and reality shows about raising kids. Strange huh?
  7. Middle school was one of the best times in my life (8th grade in particular). I was on the math team, in band, popular among my group of friends, had a boyfriend, and had some of the most genuine friends of my whole life, that I didn’t really discover again until college. The kind of friends you could talk to for hours on the phone. I miss that.
  8. You wouldn’t think it, but I’ve run the Los Angeles Marathon 3 times.
  9. I’ve never officially played a team sport. T-ball when I was 4 and too young to understand doesn’t count. I don’t like team sports. I don’t like other people having to count on my physical abilities. I can’t deal with that pressure of letting people down…I’m way too hard on myself.
  10. I was the valedictorian of my high school class of 1999. I never got anything lower than an A-.
  11. I really dislike reading. Honestly. Even if it’s something good. If an article or blog post even, is too long, I’ll end up giving up, and skipping to the pictures. I only read books if I’m forced (for school or something). People think it’s weird, but I love doing math – no really, LOVE. How many people do you know who would do math if they didn’t like it? none. I don’t like to read, so I don’t do a lot of it. Get it?
  12. I’ve never been pulled over by a cop, nor have I ever had a cavity (as of today). Let’s hope my luck holds up.

Ok, at first that was difficult, but now I could think of more interesting things. :-) So that was fun! I tag the following blogs:

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  1. jbrobeck Says:
    October 13th, 2010 at 11:34 PM

    great answers! i learned so much about you, lovie!


    Heather Reply:

    Thanks love!


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