Swatches: Fyrinnae Part II

See Part I here. This is one of my large Fyrinnae orders, and the second one I ever made (which was much more recently). The ones with the black circle lids are full sizes, and the clear ones are minis. I have to say, I really love the jars they have the full sized ones in. They are the only ones I have found that don’t let the pigment leak into the sides, which makes a mess when you open and close them. These stay nice and neat!

Read more for swatches! All of these are swatched with a q-tip over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. I took several pictures in different lighting and different angles of each set of swatches to make sure I captured as much of the depth of the shadows as I could. Any new lemmings? See any you LOVE??

Top Row: Sorceress, Fyre & Ice, Dragon Magic
Bottom Row: Biker Chic, Immortality, Blue Whale

Top Row: Rapunzel Had Extensions, Conjour, Madam & Eve
Bottom Row: Dokkalfar, Meerkat, Strip Poker
There is not a single one of these 6 that I don’t head over heels LOVE to pieces! Meerkat is my #1 favorite (try it as a lipgloss omg), and Conjour and Rapunzel are A-MAZ-ING!!

Top Row: Faerie Glamour, Dragon Magic, Daemon’s Tail
Bottom Row: Wicked, Bastet, Digital Faerie

Top Row: Evocation, Beholder
Bottom Row: Snow Leopard, Atomic Afterglow

Top Row: Eternal Innocence, Dressed to Kill, Tyr
Bottom Row: Lucky Charmed, Bi Frost, Pyromantic Erotica

Top Row: Cheshire Cat Grin, Dark Magik, Sequined Master
Bottom Row: La Noche, The Fancy Lad, Robot Takeover


2 Responses to “Swatches: Fyrinnae Part II”

  1. Denny Says:
    January 20th, 2011 at 5:13 PM

    I’ve been wanting to order some of these pigments for some time. Now that I’ve seen your swatches, I want: Daemon’s tail, Dark Magik, Pyromantic Erotica, Meerkat (for sure), & Conjour.


    Heather Reply:

    Meerkat is so flipping amazing. You have awesome picks there – they are all so totally worth every penny!!


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