Swatches & Review: High Voltage Lip Whips

High Voltage Cosmetics makes more than just eyeshadows. These are lip whips: very opaque glosses in a squeeze tube. They have a slight mint scent and are non-sticky. I love that a little bit goes a long way with these – you really have to apply them with a lip brush (especially the darker shades). The colors are gorgeous and the formula is so silky smooth. Sadly, her ingredient supplier has discontinued some of the key ingredients in these, so Jasmine will be phasing these out. But not to worry! She has several left, and she is always creating new things that I cannot wait to try. Ok, on to the swatches! (Sorry for the messy towel background…that was my swatching towel, and some pigments got on it.)

Top Row: Talk Talk, Slow Jam, Life of the Party
Bottom Row: Little Misfit, Kashmir, Sour Candy

Top Row: Talk Talk, Slow Jam, Life of the Party
Bottom Row: Little Misfit, Kashmir, Sour Candy

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Look: Irredescent Pigments

I ♥ iridescent pigments. Duochrome stuff steals my heart every time. Although MAC pigments are not my favorite type of pigment, I have to admit that they make some amazing, incredible duochromes. I need more!!!! :-)

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: NARS Eyeshadow Primer, MAC Blue-Brown pigment (inner & middle lid), MAC Teal pigment (crease & above crease), MAC Dark Blue Green pigment (crease), MAC White Gold pigment (highlight), MAC Mystery Kohl Power, MAC Opulash
  • Cheeks: Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmer Brick + MAC Marine Life highlight powder
  • Lips: NARS Luster lipgloss

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Look: Ode to Brian Kelly

I love seeing looks that inspire me or ones that I love so much that I just MUST recreate. This look is based off of the ever-so-talented Brian Kelly (aka Cosmetic Viking) Look. I love his looks (and I really love his tweets!). Sadly, this isn’t a 100% complete look (since I didn’t do lips), but I really liked how it came out. There is NO GREEN used in this look! I know, right?! It’s all that wonderful yellow and blue blended together. Yellow + Blue = Green…go figure haha! This is another Sugarpill exclusive!

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer, MAC Painterly PP (base), Sugarpill Buttercupcake (lid), Sugarpill Afterparty (crease & above), Sugarpill Tako (highlight), MUFE 0L Aqua Liner (upper lashline), UD 24/7 Flipside (waterline), MUFE Smokey Lash mascara
  • Cheeks: MAC The Perfect Cheek
  • Lips: au natural (aka nothing!)

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Look: UD Naked Look #2

Here is my second look using only the UD Naked Palette. It’s a little softer that the previous one, and a little on the pinker side. If you’re into nudes at all and don’t have the colors in this palette already, I highly recommend it! These shadows are really great!!

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer, Urban Decay Naked Palette: Sin (inner lid), Toasted (middle lid), Hustle (outer lid), Creep (crease), Virgin (highlight), UD Zero (liner), MAC Opulash mascara
  • Cheeks: Chanel Rose Temptation JC + MAC Smooth Merge MSF
  • Lips: NARS Oasis lipgloss

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Look: UD Naked Look #1

There’s so much Urban Decay Naked Palette talk lately that I thought I’d post two looks I did using only the colors in the palette. Here is the first one!

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer, Urban Decay Naked Palette: Half Baked (inner lid), Smog (middle lid), Dark Horse (outer lid & crease), Virgin (highlight), Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer Ink (upper lashline), Urban Decay Whiskey (waterline), MAC Opulash mascara
  • Cheeks: MAC Gold Deposit Mineralized Skin Finish
  • Lips: MAC 4N lipglass

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Look: Anti V-Day?

To make myself clear, I will never be anti V-day (Valentine’s Day). How could I?! It’s my birthday!!! I understand why some people are, but I definitely consider myself lucky…even if I didn’t have a Valentine growing up, I still felt special because it was my birthday. My dad would get me, my sister, and my mom corsages to wear for the day, we’d go out to dinner (my choice), and I would always be my parents’ special Valentine :-) My mom likes to tell the story that I didn’t understand that the class wasn’t having a party on Valentine’s Day for me/my birthday until I was like 6 (whoops! hahaha). Well now that I’m married, I have a Valentine for life, and couldn’t be happier about that.

So now the reason for this title…GlamourDollsEyes is having a contest on Facebook for the best “Anti V-Day” Look. So this is going to be my entry. When I saw this contest, I knew this was the look I needed to enter…it’s really kinda anti-me. Sorta like my alter ego…bright eyes, bold lip, tossed hair, a little sad…a bad-girl kind of look for me. ;-) I do not yet have any Glamourdolleyes eyeshadows, but I am dying to try some!!

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer, MAC Painterly PP (base), Sugarpill Buttercupcake (bottom middle of lid), Sugarpill Flamepoint (crease), Sugarpill Love+ (above crease), Sugarpill Poison Plum (outer lid & lower lashline), Sugarpill Dollipop (brow bone & lower lashline), Sugarpill Tako (highlight), MUFE Aqua Eyes 0L liner (upper lashline & waterline), MUFE Smokeylash mascara
  • Cheeks: MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder Blush
  • Lips: Fyrinnae Meerkat (loose shadow mixed with MAC clear lipglass)

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Nails: The Make Up Store Marcus

Oh lawd I cannot wait until my nails look like this again ;-) This polish holds a special place in my ♥. I got it while I was in Costa Rica in August at this place called the Makeup Store. So many polishes there…but I tried to only pick up “unique” colors that I didn’t already have. I’m a total sucker for Tiffany blues, so I picked up this teal/turquoise/aqua color called Marcus as one of the two that I got (yes, I only got two…are you proud?).

Now it just so happens that THIS color matched perfectly to the color that my friend’s Costa Rica bungalow is decorated in. She has tons of accessories this color, and I couldn’t help but take some pictures using some of them as props (hence the candle and pillow). Pretty neat huh? This is two coats, and it was flawless and beautiful! LOVE!

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Nails: New York Amaranth

I LOVE JELLIES!!! Jelly finishes in polish are so beautiful! This is a teal-ish green polish named Amaranth from New York. I think I got this one from or something like that…it was a long time ago. This is 3 coats plus a top coat. It’s beautiful and squishy looking. My nails are not in the best shape here, and this must be after a few days of wear since I see some tip wear. I have a bad habit of not taking nail pics immediately after a manicure, which means I have tip wear in many of them. I’ll be better in 2011 (promise)!

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Swatches: Evil Shades

It took a while for me to dive in to Evil Shades cosmetics, but I’m so glad I did. I only ordered eyeshadows, but Evil Shades sells everything from cuticle balm to amazing (and best known for) lip colors. To tell you the truth, these shadows shocked me, in a good way! The jars were a little messy and the stickers on the inside were difficult to peel off, but the shadows themselves are really top notch. Even Devil’s Bonfire which looks to have chunky silver glitter in it…I was expecting it to be, well, chunky and not blendable, but boy was I wrong! Every one of these shadows is incredibly smooth and finely milled. Color me impressed! Seriously. I can’t even pick a favorite. I really love them all. Drakon and Cerberus are so complex and beautiful. Oh, and Dryad, Wonderflower, and Nixies are all amazing too. Andrea, the girl behind the genius of these shadows, has something really great going here. She’s a sweetheart on Twitter, and I first discovered her through the MUA Nail Board. Her nails are to die for beautiful, and she loves polishes too! Woot! Anyway, on to swatches. I cannot wait to use these in some looks too!

Top Row: Drakon, Zombie, Cerberus
Bottom Row: Phyrra’s Fantasy, Moirae, Devil’s Bonfire

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Swatches: High Voltage Inked Collection

Here are swatches of the amazing colors from the High Voltage Inked Collection (er, most of them). I couldn’t order all of them, but I picked my favorites. These colors are complex with multiple dimensions of shimmer. The glitter stands out heavily, and depending on how much they are rubbed in, the color can change slightly. All shadows are swatched using a q-tip over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.

Top Row: Art is Forever, Modified, Old Skool
Bottom Row: Mind & Body, State of Mind, Artistic Expression

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