My First Award Tag: Beautiful Blogger


Wow! My very first award tag: The Beautiful Blogger Award! I’m so honored :-) My new MUA blogging beauty friend MusicalHouses nominated me, which is so exciting! I have to post 7 random facts about myself…so here we go!

  1. I grew up all over the place. I was born in Wichita, KS, moved to Birmingham, AL when I was 4, moved to Pleasanton, CA when I was 7, back to Birmingham when I was 9, to Tucson, AZ when I was 14, up to Sacramento, CA when I was 15, then down to LA for college when I was 18. I’ve been in the LA area ever since.
  2. I hate to travel. Literally hate. I hate leaving my comfort zone, my stuff, and my house. I’m a total homebody! I feel no need to see the world or visit anywhere. I have been to Europe, Canada, Hawaii, and Israel though.
  3. I’ve recently become a nail polish junkie! I have nearly enough polishes to wear two different ones every day of the year…and that doesn’t count making different colors by layering! I know. I am bad.
  4. I hate to cook. I think I’m terrible at it (though my husband disagrees and says I’m just lazy, which might also be true). I pretty much never cook.
  5. I ran the 20th, 21st, and 22nd LA Marathons. In addition, I’ve done 3 18-mile runs, 6 half marathons, and countless 10 and 5K races. Ahhh my running days… :-)
  6. I was the valedictorian of the first graduating class at my high school. My transcript had no flaws: straight A’s from freshman through senior year (well, before freshman year too). My parents always told me to do my best, and I guess that was always A level work :-)
  7. I play the flute and piccolo. I was in the band from 5th grade all the way through college. Though I don’t play regularly anymore, I used to be pretty good at it if I do say so myself :-)  I played in honor bands and everything. I even met my husband in the UCLA marching band (he plays drums)!

Now I have to nominate and tag 7 more bloggers to recieve this award. Here are my nominees:

I chose 3 nail bloggers and 3 beauty/makeup bloggers! I don’t know if they’ve received this award before (probably since they’re all much bigger blogs than me), but hey, nominated more than once isn’t a terrible thing :-)


Review: ZPalettes

I love palettes.

ZPalettes (8)

Let me tell you a story…once upon a time, I had so many individual pots of MAC shadows, that I filled an entire makeup trunk case. What ended up happening was that I’d use the newest ones that were sitting on top, and almost never again see the ones on the layers underneath. Of course we all know that with the way MAC comes out with collections (every other week it seems like), those shadows got burried before even being used sometimes!

Then I discovered depotting.

A long, long time ago, an MA briefly whispered to me that I could depot with a candle…just put the pot over the candle to loosen the glue, and it pops out! Stupid me (this was before youtube btw) didn’t take out the inside, and just put the poor shadow above the flame which burned off the sticker and practically caught my shadow on fire…that shadow remains, to this day, the only MAC shadow I do not know the name of (it’s dark purple).

Now that I know the iron method, it works beautifully. My parents own a sign shop that my mom runs up in the Sacramento area, so she makes the little magnetic discs that I put on the back. Once I had some of those, I went to town and depotted well over 100 shadows all in one night, with a glass of Chardoney and my best friends over for a sleep-over. It was the greatest feeling ever – being so organized and having them at the tips of my fingers…ahhhh…wait….gotta organize them….which one is where?…I have to open 15 palettes to find it….Noooooo!

Enter: ZPalette.

ZPalettes (9)

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Tutorial: Depotting Smashbox Shadows

Yay! My second youtube video! Thanks to you all who subscribed to my youtube channel! So sweet of you, and I do hope to do some actual video makeup tutotials in the future. Now that the editing and posting part doesn’t scare me anymore, I think I can do it now. This was only the second Smashbox shadow I’ve ever depotted, and I really hate lighters and fire, but it’s totally worth it to me to have it in my palette. The screw-on top bugs me :-P Anyway, without further ado, here it is! Let me know what you think!


Tutorial: Depotting MAC Shadows

I depot my MAC shadows using a regular clothes iron and some parchment paper. It works well, and I never have any casualties. I’m sorta afraid of fire, so I try to avoid having to use it if possible. But later, I’ll post another tutorial to show how I depotted my Smashbox shadows also. It’s my very first video tutorial, so be nice :-) But let me know what you think! Toward the end I did a mini-review of one of the new ZPalettes I got. I will do a full review of them very soon, so stay tuned!


Review & Swatches: Kat Von D Eye Palettes

Kat Von D Gypsy Palette (3)

When these first came out, I thought it was kinda gimicky and I don’t usually go out and get stuff from brands I don’t know and trust. After hearing about it by roaming throught the beauty blog world, I caved…and my expectations were low, so WOW did I get blown away!

I’ve actually been putting off this review for a long time because when I think about how much I love these, the words escape me, and I’m not sure how to explain myself. Seriously though, these are fantastic shadows. The colors are rich and pigmented. The texture is soft and powdery (in a good way). The color range is really good too, and I really like how Kat Von D has put thought into them. I only got three (or is that all there is?): Beethoven, Ludwig, and Gypsy. Everything from the artwork on the boxes to the beautiful packaging to the names of the colors reflects her perfectly. She paid attention to detail, and I appreciate that. I don’t think she’s one to sit on the sideline and let others come up with stuff for her to just “approve” (though I don’t know this for certain). The names are recognizable – especially if you watch LA Ink, which I do. I’ve watched her since she was on Miami Ink actually. I’m secretly fascinated by tatoos. I don’t have any, and will most likely (never say never) never get one. Part of it is the artistry – I can blend colors, but I can’t draw worth a darn! I admire the talent of tatoo artists!

There were only two things I didn’t like: one was that one cream Brass Knuckles shadow – the texture sucks on that one; and two: Lucifer is the same color in all 3 palettes, but hey with only one bad color in the 3 palette bunch, I’m still happy. :-) I highly recommend these palettes for eyeshadow lovers.

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Poll: Should I Change the Background Color?

The reason I ask is because sometimes, the colors in the pictures seem a little off – like yesterday’s post looks grayish, when it should look kinda blueish. I like the black background – it makes my site a little more different and unique, and I still don’t know if I want to change it, but we’ll see what you all answer. I always thought black was perfect for makeup because it lets the true colors shine through… Let me know what you think! Thanks! :-)

Should I change my background color to white or leave it black?

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Look & Review: Dior Amber Design Quint

I’m not a huge fan of Dior quints only because their pigmentation is usually too weak for my taste. The quality is great, but most of the time the colors muddy together on my lid.

That being said, I have very mixed feelings about this particular “quint” which I wouldn’t even say is a quint because it only has 4 eyeshadow colors, and one of those is only a “shine” color. In place of the 5th color is a brown gel (I think) liner. To be honest, I felt jipped! I have a ton of brown eyeliners! Ah well, I do see the value in having everything all together in one place I suppose, and to give it credit, the liner was very nice and dark, so it worked well with the palette.

The shadow colors themselves, are pretty nice. They’re not incredibly unique, but they’re very pretty. I love golds and coral colors and browns. It creates a nice soft look, which is great, but not what I’m all about, you know? The shadows are soft and go on smoothly. And on a side note…I’m really liking this lip combo! :-)

What are your thoughts?



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Dior Amber Design quint (as suggested – including liner), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Cheek & Cheerful mineralized blush
  • Lips: Bobbi Brown Brown Metalic lip color + Nice Mix Up tri-color lipgloss

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Look: For Denny’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Eve, Denny! Tomorrow is Denny (one of my loyal reader/commenter’s) birthday! She sent me a message asking for a special look just for her, and here is what I decided on :-) For you Denny, nothing but the best! Dior on the eyes, MAC on the cheeks, and Bobbi Brown on the lips. She likes darker colors on lips, so that’s what I went with, while still keeping the look simple and sophisticated (because while birthdays are fun, they still mean you’re getting older!).It’s a berry wine color that still somehow manages to look neutral, but made-up, you know? Oh, and I did a little contouring on the cheeks. I kept the majority of the cheek color to the back (near the hair line) and a little below the cheek bone, then highlighted the top of the cheek bonewith a highlighting color to bring it out. I hope you like it Denny! :-)



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Dior Smokey Jazz Club #01 Palette (includes the liner), Graphblack Technakohl (waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Fad-Dabulous Mineralized blush + Shell Pearl Irredescent Beauty Powder (higlight)
  • Lips: Bobbi Brown Kir Metalic Lip Color

BTW – when’s everyone else’s birthday? I think we should make a habit of getting to know each other – feel free to make a special request for YOUR birthday too :-)  Ok, now on to more pictures!  Read the rest of this entry »


Dear MAC…

Dear MAC,


  • More Paint Pot colors: silver, navy blue, baby blue, kelly green, yellow, a true purple, and different finishes too!
  • A navy blue fluidline!
  • A TRUE silvery eyeshadow (but not with glitter)
  • More Kohl Powers – and make them permanent!
  • Opaque lipglosses…some with shimmer, some without!
  • A kick-@$$ eyeshadow primer. Seriously?! You make all colors of shadows and you don’t have a descent primer?! Come on now!
  • Oh AND I want a GWP or some kind of thank-you for being a loyal customer and buying practically everything!

That is all.
Heather (Coloruza)


Look: Chanel Murano Quad for Fall 2009

Yay! I’m so excited that Chanel has finally come out with another beautiful quad! I haven’t been impressed by their quads since they released Beiges de Chanel. This quad is beautiful just to look at, and the colors on the lid do not disappoint. The texture is what you’d expect from Chanel: buttery soft and smooth application. The colors are just as they appear in the quad, though the light blue color is more frosty than I’d expect. It’s a pretty look – not quite blue, not quite teal, but somewhere in between. It’s my new favorite Chanel quad…and I look forward to going through the whole thing :-)


For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Greenstroke PP (base), Chanel Murano (FALL 2009) Quad, Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink (upper lashline), Mystery Kohl Power (lower lashline), Guerlain Lagoon Blue loose kohl (waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Margin
  • Lips: Chanel Instinctive l/s + Chanel Pink Oyster Glossimer

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