Collection: Don’t Brush It Off

BRUSHES! Your makeup is utterly useless without them. They are the tools of the trade. If you want beautiful makeup, you have to invest in some good brushes.


Here’s my brush belt. Most of them are MAC brushes, but I have a few Lorac and Chanel ones as well. No, I do not use ALL of them every single day. I did some close-ups of my frequently used brushes (Read more to see pictures!).

Basic rules for brushes:

  • Clean them often. At least once a week for ones used daily. If you use them with creamy cosmetics, then use one side one day, another side the next day, and then clean it. I use generic baby shampoo to clean mine.
  • Dense bristles pick up more color. The more dense the brush, the better it picks up color, thus the heavier the application. It’s not always important how soft it is or whether it’s natural hair or synthetic.
  • Hold the handle. Depending on where you hold your brush, you’ll have a heavy hand or a light one. Hold the brush closer to the brush head, and you will apply heavier color. Hold it near the end, and you can put on a lighter, more whispy wash of color.
  • There’s no right way to use a brush. No matter what the MA tells you s/he uses a particular brush for, that’s not the only way to use it. Also, just because it’s labeled as a powder brush doesn’t mean you can’t use  it for foundation or cream blush etc.
  • All brushes are not created equal. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Getting some good ones is a wise investment.
  • Different brushes do different things. Though it’s not impossible, it would be extremely difficult to recreate any of my looks using only one or two brushes. It would be like trying to cook a gourmet dinner with only one pot or one pan.

Any other questions about brushes? Let me know – I’d be happy to answer!

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