Collection: Lippies!

Wow people, this is a looooong time in coming! I’ve posted my eye products and cheek products, and now finally I have some pictures of the lip products! I didn’t do all of my lipliners, but eh, I’ll do those later. This is not the complete collection of lip stuff. I found some afterward in a purse, on the bathroom counter, on the coffee table…but this is most of it (not including any palettes of course)! If you have questions about any of it, let me know. I will eventually get swatches of all of the eyeshadows I have, but I dunno about the lips…you’ll have to ask for specific ones and I’ll do a lip swatch for you and build it into a look :-)

You have no idea how long it took me to gather all of these up and separate them! There are two bins full – one is for lipsticks and the other for glosses. They were in two big drawers all mixed together, plus like 6 different little makeup bags were full of some more. Getting the MAC lipsticks to stand up like that was the most difficult and challenging. I had to stuff the end of the container so that they’d stay up. Actually, I had to put them all in right side up first, then flip each one over individually, and they stayed. I really love this new set up though. Everything is so easy to find, and I can see all of the colors laid out in front of me. I rediscovered old favorites and have only found one double (of a glossimer). And yes, I pretty much know almost every single one by name…at least enough to identify it’s color family! This is my collection, and I LOVE it! Enjoy! :-)


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