Look: For Denny’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Eve, Denny! Tomorrow is Denny (one of my loyal reader/commenter’s) birthday! She sent me a message asking for a special look just for her, and here is what I decided on :-) For you Denny, nothing but the best! Dior on the eyes, MAC on the cheeks, and Bobbi Brown on the lips. She likes darker colors on lips, so that’s what I went with, while still keeping the look simple and sophisticated (because while birthdays are fun, they still mean you’re getting older!).It’s a berry wine color that still somehow manages to look neutral, but made-up, you know? Oh, and I did a little contouring on the cheeks. I kept the majority of the cheek color to the back (near the hair line) and a little below the cheek bone, then highlighted the top of the cheek bonewith a highlighting color to bring it out. I hope you like it Denny! :-)



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Dior Smokey Jazz Club #01 Palette (includes the liner), Graphblack Technakohl (waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Fad-Dabulous Mineralized blush + Shell Pearl Irredescent Beauty Powder (higlight)
  • Lips: Bobbi Brown Kir Metalic Lip Color

BTW – when’s everyone else’s birthday? I think we should make a habit of getting to know each other – feel free to make a special request for YOUR birthday too :-)  Ok, now on to more pictures!  Read the rest of this entry »