Tutorial: Depotting Smashbox Shadows

Yay! My second youtube video! Thanks to you all who subscribed to my youtube channel! So sweet of you, and I do hope to do some actual video makeup tutotials in the future. Now that the editing and posting part doesn’t scare me anymore, I think I can do it now. This was only the second Smashbox shadow I’ve ever depotted, and I really hate lighters and fire, but it’s totally worth it to me to have it in my palette. The screw-on top bugs me :-P Anyway, without further ado, here it is! Let me know what you think!


Tutorial: Depotting MAC Shadows

I depot my MAC shadows using a regular clothes iron and some parchment paper. It works well, and I never have any casualties. I’m sorta afraid of fire, so I try to avoid having to use it if possible. But later, I’ll post another tutorial to show how I depotted my Smashbox shadows also. It’s my very first video tutorial, so be nice :-) But let me know what you think! Toward the end I did a mini-review of one of the new ZPalettes I got. I will do a full review of them very soon, so stay tuned!


Tutorial: Navy & Lighter Shades Look

Yay my very first tutorial!  I wore this look two days in a row, and figured that the second time, I’d turn it into a pictorial step-by-step. Well, it’s not a video, but maybe this’ll give you some idea of how this look is put together. Please let me know if this is helpful at all or give me some feedback as to how I can make it better, and I’ll try to do more if you’d like :-) Thanks for looking!




For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Bare Study PP (base), Bright Side (inner & middle lid), marbled side of Polar Opposite (outer lid & crease), navy blue side of Inter-View (outer crease), light pink side of Word-of-Mouth (highlight), Bobbi Brown Sapphire Shimmer Ink (upper & lower lashline), Chanel Exceptionnel mascara.
  • Cheeks: Enough Said BPB
  • Lips: YSL Rouge Pur #132

Get step-by-step instructions with pictures along the way for how to get this look.  Read the rest of this entry »


Tutorial: Depotting UDPP

If you have UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) in original or Sin, and you haven’t “depotted” it, then you must follow these steps! You’re missing out on at least, AT LEAST half of the product inside if you chuck it after nothing else comes off the wand. The whole process takes about 10 minutes. Good luck!


See step-by-step pictures and directions!  Read the rest of this entry »


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