Swatches: Evil Shades

It took a while for me to dive in to Evil Shades cosmetics, but I’m so glad I did. I only ordered eyeshadows, but Evil Shades sells everything from cuticle balm to amazing (and best known for) lip colors. To tell you the truth, these shadows shocked me, in a good way! The jars were a little messy and the stickers on the inside were difficult to peel off, but the shadows themselves are really top notch. Even Devil’s Bonfire which looks to have chunky silver glitter in it…I was expecting it to be, well, chunky and not blendable, but boy was I wrong! Every one of these shadows is incredibly smooth and finely milled. Color me impressed! Seriously. I can’t even pick a favorite. I really love them all. Drakon and Cerberus are so complex and beautiful. Oh, and Dryad, Wonderflower, and Nixies are all amazing too. Andrea, the girl behind the genius of these shadows, has something really great going here. She’s a sweetheart on Twitter, and I first discovered her through the MUA Nail Board. Her nails are to die for beautiful, and she loves polishes too! Woot! Anyway, on to swatches. I cannot wait to use these in some looks too!

Top Row: Drakon, Zombie, Cerberus
Bottom Row: Phyrra’s Fantasy, Moirae, Devil’s Bonfire

See more pictures of these in different lighting, plus 7 more shades after the jump!

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