Look: Ode to Scrangie

I follow a LOT of nail polish blogs, and I love all of them, but my favorite one has to be Scrangie. Her nails are so perfect (all really btw) that I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw her nails for the first time. She creates hard core lemmings for EVEYRONE and can make ANY color look good! She is seriously one amaaaaaaazing nail blogger!!! Her honesty and commentary are genuine and often makes me lol!

Scrangie paired up with Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) to create her own nail polish shade (called Scrangie), and it is so so so so stunning (click on the link to see one of her swatches). The color has been sold out for a little while, and was the first of the polish blogger colors to do so. Hers is a purple with loads of teal shimmer. One of my all-time favorite nail polish colors! Sooooo…..

I decided to do a look using eyeshadow inspired by that nail polish color. I have a great dark purple and teal color in my set of SMH shadows, and I basically just blended those together. What exactly the breakdown is, I’ll never remember because I didn’t write it down.

Scrangie Look (2)

Scrangie Look

See the purple AND teal shimmer? It’s certainly not as pretty as the polish, but I think it came out darn cool! In real life it looked more purple, but you know how cameras don’t like to pick up purple colors :-) I have a few more pics to show you if you want to see… Read the rest of this entry »


Look: Chameleon

I call this one chameleon because that is what it looks like to me! It’s like it could change color depending on how you look at it…like a duochrome nail polish! It’s got greens and teals and golds… Whoa! I loved how it turned out :-)


Cameleon (8)

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Yaby PP in greens (base), SMH Olive Branch (inner lid), SMH Fresh (middle lid), Bottle Green (outer lid & crease), Nylon (highlight), Bobbi Brown Ivy Ink (liner), Exceptionnel mascara
  • Cheeks: Superduper Natural mineralized blush
  • Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure Laque #77 + Nice Mix Up l/g

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Look: Minx & Teal

I’ve recently gotten into some Smashbox shadows, and I absolutely love them! The texture is buttery soft and smooth, the pigmentation is fantastic, and best of all, they are the same size as MAC so I can depot them! Genius! I’ve only picked up a few colors to start: two oranges (Flamingo & Torch), a yellow-tinted white highlight (Oyster), and this one: a taupe/purple-ish color called Minx. It’s a fantastic and fascinating color! Really, I have nothing like it…which as we know is hard to find. I thought I’d mix it up a little and add some teal to this look to match my shirt. :-)

Minx & Teal (2)

Minx & Teal (15)

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Yaby Pearl Paints in beige and teal, Smashbox Minx (all over lid), Strike a Pose (outer lid & crease), Carbon (crease), Unbasic White (highlight), Kat Von D Proud Peacock (upper lashline), UD 24/7 Flipside (waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: NARS Madly + a little NARS Orgasm
  • Lips: Mellow Mood l/s + Viva Glam V l/g

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Look: Gold + Teal = Awesome!

I finally got back on MUA after being off of it for a good while. Things at work are too busy for me to play :-) But I needed some ideas, and that’s always a great place to go. There’s a FOTD (Face of the Day) board where people post their looks and get responses. A lot of people ask for CC (Constructive Criticism), but I do not. I’m not posting to be criticized…I’m giving back ideas and taking ideas from others. I do value opinions though, and I love hearing yours (afterall, this site is kinda for YOU, right? lol!) in the comments. Lots of people on other boards feel that FOTD board is just for people fishing for compliments, and that’s just not the case. The exchange of ideas is enormous, the validation is inspiring, and the overall positive ways that women are interacting is uplifting. That’s the way I see it, anyway. Have you been to the boards? What’s your opinion?

Anyway, on to the look…someone posted a FOTD using the UD Baked palette I believe, and I loved the combination of gold and teal, so I gave it my own spin. At first I didn’t like it at all and was like, uh oh…what have you done?! But with a little bit of a darker color right in the outer crease, it came together, and I really liked how it’s bold, edgy, and different from the everyday, you know? Maybe a little overboard on the blush, and the liner still needs to be thicker more toward the outer edge, but still, I like it (and nobody’s perfect right?) :-)

Gold Bronze & Teal Look

Gold Bronze & Teal Look (6)

For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Metal X Pure Ore (inner lid), Metal X Goldspice (middle lid), Natural Flare MES over those, Teal Pigment (outer lid & crease), Femme Fi (highlight), Kat Von D Proud Peacock (upper lashline), UD 24/7 Flipside (lower lashline), Graphblack Technakohl (waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Laura Geller Sunswept mineralize blush
  • Lips: Buoy-o-Buoy l/s + Just a Smudge Suntint balm

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Look: Graphic Garden

Holy awesomeness! I love this palette! Ok, I’ve only done one look with it, but I really like it – full of color (which everyone knows is how I like it)!  I like this one even more than the Fresh Cut palette…not more than the Kat Von D palettes though :-) Close second!



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPP (primer), Painterly PP (base), Graphic Garden Palette: Wild Wisteria (inner lid), Straight Hedge (middle lid), Botanical Blue (outer lid), Graphic Garden (crease), Social Climber (highlight), Blooz Kohl (liner), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Fad-Dabulous mineralize blush + Shell Pearl powder
  • Lips: Bobbi Brown Rose Garden Creamy lip color

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Look: My Turquoise Best Look

I adore wearing teals and turquoise. My absolute favorite look I’ve ever done on myself is my Icy Blue Clouds Look. I decided to do something similar for my look for a nice dinner out for my husband’s 27th birthday (Happy Birthday Jason!) I swear, this has to be one of my favorite lip combos too. What do you think? I put this look up on MUA, and mostly got raving comments, but some thought it was over done, too much, or just not their style with so much bold bright color. To each their own, right? :-)



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Yaby light and dark teal (base), Crystal Avalanche (inner lid), Warm Chill + Parrot (middle lid), Gulf Stream (outer lid), Stormwatch (crease), a touch of Bobbi Brown Caviar shadow in the crease, Sugarshot (highlight) UD 24/7 Electirc (lower lashline), Smolder (upper lashline & waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Hot Planet mineralized blush duo
  • Lips: Lollipop Loving l/s + Mimmy lipglass

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Look: Chanel Murano Quad for Fall 2009

Yay! I’m so excited that Chanel has finally come out with another beautiful quad! I haven’t been impressed by their quads since they released Beiges de Chanel. This quad is beautiful just to look at, and the colors on the lid do not disappoint. The texture is what you’d expect from Chanel: buttery soft and smooth application. The colors are just as they appear in the quad, though the light blue color is more frosty than I’d expect. It’s a pretty look – not quite blue, not quite teal, but somewhere in between. It’s my new favorite Chanel quad…and I look forward to going through the whole thing :-)


For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Greenstroke PP (base), Chanel Murano (FALL 2009) Quad, Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink (upper lashline), Mystery Kohl Power (lower lashline), Guerlain Lagoon Blue loose kohl (waterline), Plushlash mascara
  • Cheeks: Margin
  • Lips: Chanel Instinctive l/s + Chanel Pink Oyster Glossimer

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Look: Yellow & Teal/Green

Here’s another yellow/teal/grean/blue whatever look for ya! Haha!



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Greenstroke PP (base), Bright Future (inner lid), Steamy (middle lid), Bottle Green (outer lid & crease), Creme de Miel (highlight), Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer Ink (upper & lower lashline), UD 24/7 Honey (inner lashline), Chanel Exceptionnel mascara
  • Cheeks: Springsheen blush + Honey Light Iridescent Powder
  • Lips: Cle de Peau #2 gloss

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Look: Mesmerizing Fyrinnae Teals

I love teals! I think greens and teals are my favorite colors to do looks with. I rarely get out my Fyrinnae colors because they’re just so messy! Even just opening the container gets dust all over my fingers and counter. But when it all comes together nicely, ahhh…I just love it :-)



For this look I used:

  • Eyes: UDPPS (primer), Rollickin’ PP (base), Fyrinnae Digital Faerie (inner lid), Fyrinnae Hypercool (middle lid), Fyrinnae Biker Chick (outer lid & crease), Sugarshot (highlight), Feline Kohl Power (upper lashline), UD 24/7 Flipside (waterline), Chanel Exceptionnel mascara
  • Cheeks: Laura Geller Pink Grapefruit & Golden Apricot Mineralized blush
  • Lips: MAC Holiday ’08 Coral lips palette

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Look: A Forgotten Hawaii Look

No breakdown for this one. I didn’t take any closeups of this one either…just a few full face shots in front of the Canyon. Here you go!



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