Nails: Ozotic Pro 505

Rainbows of color in epic proportions. Ozotic Pro colors are only available in Australia, and these duo (multi) chromes are actually being discontinued. I guess it’s something to do with the pigments no longer being made, because it cannot be for lack of sales or love for this type of polish. All of these pictures are of the same polish: #505. Some are taken with the flash, and some without. Different colors come out in different lights. Pinks, blues, purples, greens…you’ll see every color in there. This is two coats over black (or navy blue…can’t recall). The polish is sheer, and must be layered over a darker color to see the effect.

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Nails: New York Amaranth

I LOVE JELLIES!!! Jelly finishes in polish are so beautiful! This is a teal-ish green polish named Amaranth from New York. I think I got this one from or something like that…it was a long time ago. This is 3 coats plus a top coat. It’s beautiful and squishy looking. My nails are not in the best shape here, and this must be after a few days of wear since I see some tip wear. I have a bad habit of not taking nail pics immediately after a manicure, which means I have tip wear in many of them. I’ll be better in 2011 (promise)!

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Nails: Essie Sew Psyched

Essie Sew Psyched is an army green color with light silver shimmer. I got many compliments – some wanting to know what the color was and where to get it! You know how there are two different types of compliments – ones that are just that, a nice gesture, and others that say something because they want to have it themselves? Really, I love either kind :-) Still…there was one or two people who definitely don’t care for the kakhi/army colors.

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Nails & Konad: Nubar Petunia Sparkle

This is Nubar Petunia Sparkle. Pinkish purple glittery sparkly goodness! It’s an amazing color…

…that could only be made better with Konad!!!

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Nails: Lippmann Across the Universe

This polish is unique like only Lippmann could do it! It’s an aqua blue base with different sizes of glitter including her infamous hex glitter pieces.  This is two coats.

It wasn’t completely opaque in two coats, but a third seemed daunting with all of that glitter. Fortunately the glitter spreads evenly and is visible through the base color. This polish is a win for me. It’s not as beautiful as Ruby Red Slippers, but it’s still beautiful!

Pretty, isn’t it? It reminds me of mermaids and water. See more pictures!!   Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Milani Rad Purple with Pure Ice Heartbreaker

Two drugstore polishes put together to make something truly amazing! This is Milani Rad Purple (3 coats) topped with Pure Ice Heartbreaker (2 coats). You can find Milani at CVS, and Rad Purple is always there when I go. It’s a jelly finish…squishy looking once you put a good topcoat on it. It’s part of the neon collection, so it dries a little matte before you top coat it. This is one of my favorite polishes, believe it or not. I <3 jelly polishes!!! Anyway, Pure Ice is a brand that is pretty much only found in Walmart. I come across it every so often depending on how run down the Walmart is.

I got this idea from a beautiful MUA NBer named audrealena who happens to be local! She and I ran into each other at a Sally’s one day, and she noticed my nails and complimented me. Then later in the day, she posted on the board about seeing me and wondering if I was a NBer too (we didn’t know each other at all). I saw her post and said “It was me!!!” Haha! Neat, huh? Well, this is her creation, and I am hopefully flattering her by recreating it myself.

Pictures don’t really do this one justice, but I sure did try…really hard. I took WAY too many pictures of this one, but I couldn’t help it :-) So pretty!!!!  Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Zoya Yasmeen

I’m wearing all purple today! From my eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss, and sweater, to my nail polish! It actually looks better than it sounds LOL! :-) Here’s a beautiful purple polish – one that just glows! Zoya Yasmeen has multiple dimensions of colored sparkle in this purple polish.

See that glow from within quality? Gorgeous! I love purple polish on me, and not just because it’s my favorite color. I think the color works really well with my skin tone, since I have so much pink in my coloring.

By the way, did you know that Zoya is vegan and safe for expectant mothers? This goes for their polish AND nail polish remover (Remove +) which is the BESTEST remover on the planet!!! It doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t dry out your hands or nails, and it removes polish like a breeze! Anyway, see more pictures of Yasmeen!!  Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Orly Royal Navy

Have you ever liked a polish more in the bottle than on your nail? Me too. This was one of those kinds of polishes. It’s not that I didn’t like it in my nails…it was just brighter than I thought it was going to be. It’s still super pretty though. I wore this when I was in Costa Rica, so the sun made it look very pretty!

It’s a royal blue with turquoise shimmer. It seems to glow, doesn’t it? The nail line was not visible in real life. This is 2 coats.

Looking at pictures makes me like it a lot, but I remember not loving it when I was wearing it. It’s still nice though, and I can think of several great polishes that I could layer over it. Maybe I’ll try to Konad with it sometime. What do you think of bright blue polishes?

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Nails: Misa Street Style

Oh how I love my duochromes! This is a beauty! Misa Street Style is from an old collection. I got it in a swap from a seller in the UK. This is 3 coats.

A pastel blue with strong pink/fuschia shimmer. It’s a little thin, but builds pretty well. This was 3 coats.  I loved it so much that I took like 26 pictures *bites lip & looks up*. Whoops :-) Did I mention that I looooove this color? It’s so beautiful.

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Nails: Illamasqua Poke

I love getting compliments on my nails, and no polish so far has gotten me quite as many compliments as this one! Illamasqua makes some of the most undisputed nicest formula polishes in the industry. I also found out that today is National Coming Out Day! So a purple manicure is perfect for the occasion to show my support for the LGBTQ community. Be loud and proud friends, but most importantly, be you!

This purple glows beyond words. It’s amazing. Yes, it is this bright in real life, and I think that’s why it got so much attention. It has these glowy pieces in it – sort of like RBL Scrangie, but the teal flash is not as pronounced.

I had avoided wearing this for a long time because it was so bright, it made me nervous. I’m not a bright colors on my nails kind of girl, but this was nothing like I thought. Bright, yes. Beautiful, yes! You must see more pictures of this amazing polish!  Read the rest of this entry »