Nails: Some Random Nail Spam!

For those of you that don’t frequent beauty/nail blogs, the term “spam” means a whole bunch of pictures! Basically pretty pictures, and that’s about it. :-)

I have some pictures of random polishes that either didn’t come out great, or I didn’t take enough pictures to give them their own post, or I didn’t do clean-up very well, etc. You get it.

ChG Frostbite with ChG 2030 Konad (5)China Glaze Frostbite w/ Konad

Fail. Oh my this wasn’t very good. I’m not a terrific Konader, as you can see. This was China Glaze Frostbite with a gold paisley konad on top. I did this for Super Bowl Sunday, using one color from each team. The gold ended up looking rather silver, yet I was really rooting for the Saints.

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NOTD: Easter/Spring Mani!

Yes this is a late post as well. But I found out that the ladies in the counseling office at my school were talking some smack about how I haven’t posted lately. ;-P Haha, actually I was really happy they read my blog, and it got me off my lazy butt to post some more. Then some of our friends came over and mentioned how it’s been so long since I posted…I’m kinda shocked people are reading – why don’t you comment people?! :-)

So this post is for all of the fantastic, wonderful, helpful ladies (gents too perhaps) in the Counseling Office at Edison Middle School!

Easter Mani - Skittle Pastels (2)

I don’t actually celebrate Easter, but I used to as a kid because I grew up in a Presbyterian dominant home. On Easter Sunday, Jason and I went to my in-laws for Passover Seder actually. Anyway, these are some awesome pastels that I did a “skittles” mani with. We use the term skittles when you do each nail a different color. Then I stamped the nails with a medium gray Nubar color called Stronghold and a Konad plate. If you don’t know what Konad is – do a google search or look it up on Youtube to see some great tutorials. It’s really easy and so cute!

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NOTD: Happy Valentine’s Day!

This was intended to be my pre-Valentine’s Day mani, but it’s stayed all the way until today, so I just might keep it…not sure yet. I really really like it :-) First time I’ve tried anything like this, and it came out really well. My nails look a lot nicer than they did the last time I posted pictures. Keeping them painted full time makes them a lot stronger.

Valentine's Day Mani 2010 (10)

Valentine's Day Mani 2010 (7)

So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Me? I’ll be celebrating turning 29 (yes, it’s my birthday) as well as V-Day with my wonderful husband! We’re going out for a nice dinner at The Lobster in Santa Monica tonight. I need to go get ready!

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Nails: China Glaze For Audrey Pedi

By reading up on my wonderful favorite nail blogs (see links section), I heard about this absolutely to-die-for color called For Audrey by China Glaze. Audrey Hepburn who was in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the inspiration obviously. Turns out that Tiffany’s has a pattent on their signature blueish-greenish color, but this color does come quite close. I still have a Tiffany’s box and felt jewelry holder from when my now husband got me a bracelet and necklace back when we were dating :-) Anyway, I took this color to my nail salon and got a pedicure with it. The guy did a fantastic design that I will surely miss once it starts chipping and I have to take it off. It happens to be  Christine from Temptalia’s favorite nail polish color, so I had to get it! She says she has it on her toes almost all the time.

**Caution** Pictures of toes/feet ahead!  Read the rest of this entry »


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