Nails: Some Random Nail Spam!

For those of you that don’t frequent beauty/nail blogs, the term “spam” means a whole bunch of pictures! Basically pretty pictures, and that’s about it. :-)

I have some pictures of random polishes that either didn’t come out great, or I didn’t take enough pictures to give them their own post, or I didn’t do clean-up very well, etc. You get it.

ChG Frostbite with ChG 2030 Konad (5)China Glaze Frostbite w/ Konad

Fail. Oh my this wasn’t very good. I’m not a terrific Konader, as you can see. This was China Glaze Frostbite with a gold paisley konad on top. I did this for Super Bowl Sunday, using one color from each team. The gold ended up looking rather silver, yet I was really rooting for the Saints.

I have more pictures and 3 more spam-o-licious manis to show you :-)  Read the rest of this entry »