Nails: Duri Don’t Kiss and Tell

This is a new (to me) brand that I recently acquired a few colors from. I saw swatches of their newest collection over at Vampy Varnish, and Kelly was so sweet to let me know where I could find them. This is a very interesting…yet deceiving orange…

Duri Don't Kiss and Tell (5)

Ok I admit, I took lots of pictures of this one. And it’s not because it’s so incredibly beautiful, well, not in real life anyway. See that gold shimmer? Well, it’s there, but only when the flash goes off. Otherwise, in real life, it’s just an orange polish. I got it because I fell in love with the pictures of it. Yeah, so the pictures of this one are deceiving!

Duri Don't Kiss and Tell outside (2)

outside in the sun

Duri Don't Kiss and Tell (13)

no flash

It’s different in different lights. The orange also made my camera wig out a little, so sorry about that. Check out all these pictures!   Read the rest of this entry »