Nails: Lippmann Across the Universe

This polish is unique like only Lippmann could do it! It’s an aqua blue base with different sizes of glitter including her infamous hex glitter pieces.  This is two coats.

It wasn’t completely opaque in two coats, but a third seemed daunting with all of that glitter. Fortunately the glitter spreads evenly and is visible through the base color. This polish is a win for me. It’s not as beautiful as Ruby Red Slippers, but it’s still beautiful!

Pretty, isn’t it? It reminds me of mermaids and water. See more pictures!!   Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Lippmann Wicked Game

Here’s a pretty polish for a change. This is a beautiful duochrome from Deborah Lippmann (can be found on It’s this strange color – like a cross between a silver and lavender color, but it flashes green, teal, and pink. So really, it’s multi-chrome! Yes, it’s pretty sheer; I used 3 coats here. I’ll have to try layering it over something someday. It applied like butter. Seriously, it practically applied itself. There is a pretty strong nail polish smell to it, so don’t do your nails in a small confined space unless you enjoy the fumes!

In the picture below you can catch the pink and teal-green flashes. Wicked Game. I love the name, and I love this polish!

You have yet to behold some of it’s real beauty. Look at more pictures (flash, shade, & sunlight)!!!

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Nails: Lippmann Pump Up the Jam w/ OPI Pearl of Wisdom

I had my “Valentine’s Day” mani on for several days before my birthday. So by the time we were going to go out for dinner, the mani was tired. I had to change. Fortunately my wonderful mother sent me Lippmann Happy Birthday and Pump Up the Jam for my birthday, so I had something to change into :-) Unfortunately, Pump Up the Jam was very dark…nearly black looking in the shade, and the sun was setting for the evening. So I improvised, and reached for one of my new bottles: OPI Pearl of Wisdom. I had seen it be beautiful over black, so I thought hey, let’s try. And I’m glad I did.

Pump Up Jam with Pearl of Wisdom (3)

Pearl of Wisdom actually brought out the purple color more and made it glow.

Pump Up Jam with Pearl of Wisdom (5)

Haha, see the kitty hair? I think I’ll show you a bonus kitteh picture now! :-) Then you can look at the rest of the pictures, ok? :-)

DSCN1439My babies! Zorah and Zeus

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