Nails: Misa Street Style

Oh how I love my duochromes! This is a beauty! Misa Street Style is from an old collection. I got it in a swap from a seller in the UK. This is 3 coats.

A pastel blue with strong pink/fuschia shimmer. It’s a little thin, but builds pretty well. This was 3 coats.  I loved it so much that I took like 26 pictures *bites lip & looks up*. Whoops :-) Did I mention that I looooove this color? It’s so beautiful.

See more pictures if you can stand it! :-) Yeah, I went a little overboard. Sorry ;-P  Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Vintage Misa – Dangerous Sapphire

Every vintage Misa I own is thanks to a wonderful lady named Carly (hotmetalchicky) in the UK ! I found her on Ebay, and this time it wasn’t so evil. She had polishes that were at the top of my wish list for sale, and I jumped at the chance!! We became MUA friends and even did a little swap :-)  Take a look at this beauty.

Misa Dangerous Sapphire (11)

See that subtle pink shimmer? It barely translates to the nail, but it’s there. What a unique blue color! It’s dusty, nearly teal, and stunning!

Misa Dangerous Sapphire (12)

Misa Dangerous Sapphire (3)

See how the bottle cap is white? I love that it looks different. And the name of the polish is on the back, not the bottom. You have to see more pictures!  Read the rest of this entry »


NOTD: Misa It’s Electric w/ Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen (mostly found at Walgreens and Walmart right now), really is a treasure. It makes lots of polishes come alive in a completely different way. It’s considered a “flakey” with flake pieces. This polish is a clear base, so it’s great over any color.

Misa It's Electric with Hidden Treasure (8)

I’m holding Misa It’s Electric, and I used two coats of that as a base color. On top is one thick coat of Hidden Treasure. Isn’t it neat?! Like a rainbow in a bottle! These pictures were taken in the shade, where I think it shows its greatest colors. I also took these pictures *right* after I finished taking my 4-hour comprehensive exam for my MA. I got official notice this past Monday that I passed! Yay! Time to celebrate!!

Misa It's Electric with Hidden Treasure (7)

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