Nails & Konad: Nubar Petunia Sparkle

This is Nubar Petunia Sparkle. Pinkish purple glittery sparkly goodness! It’s an amazing color…

…that could only be made better with Konad!!!

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Nails: My First Chevron Attempt

And it is admittedly a pretty crap-tastic attempt. In my mind, it looked cooler than it did in real life. I may have to try another combination with the chevron. But the combination of the thick goopy matte polish with the tip wear, and unevenness really irritates me. Sorry guys…this one was a fail.

Nothing else much to say…

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Nails: Nubar Malvasia

Oh hello red beauty. You took me by surprise. I had no idea I was going to fall in love with this red. It was so stunning. Nubar had done it again. It’s a cross between a jelly and a creme.

You can see VNL in the pictures, but it wasn’t noticeable in real life.

Pics in the sun, shade, indoors, whatever. It looks good from all angles. This is two coats.  See some more pictures!  Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Nubar Midnight Glory w/ Hidden Treasure

Well, this did not come out even close to what I had hoped. I wore this the day we went to Disneyland, but as you can see, even in the sunlight, Hidden Treasure does not come out at all. Maybe it helps the pink undertone of Midnight Glory to shine a little brighter, but that’s it. Le sigh.

I mean, it’s pretty and all, but it just comes off looking kinda bumpy. Meh. Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Nubar Midnight Glory

Oh this is such a beauty. A lovely robins egg blue with pink shimmer. It’s nearly a duochrome that flashes pink, but that is incredibly hard to capture on camera.

Nubar Midnight Glory

Nubar Midnight Glory (2)

You can see it really well in the bottle, but not as well on the nails :-) See more pictures!!   Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Nubar Jewel & Prize

Here are a few holos for you to drool over :-) Nubar is one of my favorite brands. They have great themes and execute colors wonderfully. In their collection of holos, there were scattered holos as well as linear ones. Below is Nubar Jewel. It’s a scattered holo (with scattered bits of holographic glitter) with a taupy-brown base. It’s neutral enough, but still has a little bit of a wild side. This is two coats.

Nubar Jewel (3)

Another one from the same collection is Nubar Prize. It was originally thought to be a red holo, but it is far from red on my skin tone. It’s very obviously magenta-pink, and oh so pretty. However, it’s not all that unique. Prize is also a scattered holo, and this is two coats.

Nubar Prize (3)

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NOTD & KOTD: OPI Jade is the New Black

From the OPI Hong Kong collection comes one of the best colors: Jade is the New Black. It’s a dusty green creme which is stunning on.

OPI Jade is the New Black (3)

This is two coats, but it would have even been ok with one thick one.

OPI Jade is the New Black (5)

Then after a day or two, I wanted to make it even better, so I added a Konad to it. I used Nubar Reclaim which is a green holo. So it’s a subtle Konad, but I really liked how it turned out!

JitNB with Reclaim Konad (2)

JitNB with Reclaim Konad (4)

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NOTD: Easter/Spring Mani!

Yes this is a late post as well. But I found out that the ladies in the counseling office at my school were talking some smack about how I haven’t posted lately. ;-P Haha, actually I was really happy they read my blog, and it got me off my lazy butt to post some more. Then some of our friends came over and mentioned how it’s been so long since I posted…I’m kinda shocked people are reading – why don’t you comment people?! :-)

So this post is for all of the fantastic, wonderful, helpful ladies (gents too perhaps) in the Counseling Office at Edison Middle School!

Easter Mani - Skittle Pastels (2)

I don’t actually celebrate Easter, but I used to as a kid because I grew up in a Presbyterian dominant home. On Easter Sunday, Jason and I went to my in-laws for Passover Seder actually. Anyway, these are some awesome pastels that I did a “skittles” mani with. We use the term skittles when you do each nail a different color. Then I stamped the nails with a medium gray Nubar color called Stronghold and a Konad plate. If you don’t know what Konad is – do a google search or look it up on Youtube to see some great tutorials. It’s really easy and so cute!

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St. Patty’s Day Mani

I know I know…I’m WAY behind the times. I’m busy, yo! I swear, once this admin program is over in May, I will get right back to it. Ok, so even though it’s several weeks late, here is my St. Patrick’s Day manicure. I really love this holiday. I’m not Irish, but I love getting decked out in GREEN! You can bet my makeup was amazingly green too, and yes I have some pictures, but you’ll have to wait a little for me to get them up. I even drew a little shamrock on my cheek with a MAC liner pencil and put some Reflects Teal glitter on top :-) Over the top? Yes. Cute as hell? Yes. I took too many pictures because I thought it was so cool? Yes! Others thought I was nuts, but I loved it? Yes!

St Patrick's Day Mani (9)

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Nails: Time For a Real Manicure

Since I change my nail polish about once every 3-5 days or so, my poor nails are a little ragged. I don’t take really great care of them, and they’re still growing out the ridges from when I had acrilics. So I caved and got an actual real manicure this time (done at the salon). I am seriously amazed at how long it stayed nice! By the second day, there was still not one chip!! I kept it on for like a full 5 days and it was looking ok. I don’t know how they do it and make it stay so nicely…wish I did!

Anyway, here is Nubar Peacock Feathers – two coats with a top coat. Isn’t it just brilliant under the sun?! You should see the beautiful job they did on my toesies! The flower design is really pretty too!


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