Nails: OPI DS Desire

A beautiful holographic polish that is work safe? YES PLEASE! Sign me up for more!

As you can see below, holo in the sun, shimmery beige-brown in the shade.

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Nails: OPI DS Glow

This color is quite epic. There are some who say that this would be the one polish they’d wear for the rest of time if they had to pick. But for me…not so much. It’s gold, and gold looks terrible with my skin tone when it comes to nail polish. I tried, but it’s just not my color. I haven’t found a color eyeshadow that doesn’t agree with me, and I figured it would be the same when I got into polish. Unfortunately gold, like yellow gold, does not love my fingers. Good thing my jewelry is white gold eh? Haha!

You may not be able to see the clash with my skin in these pictures, but it’s apparent in real life. Well, DS Glow is actually a gold that leans toward copper/rust. So it’s not terrible on me, but I probably won’t wear it again. What about you? Have you found a polish color that you just cannot pull off, no mater how much you love it in the bottle?    Read the rest of this entry »


Nails: Some Random Nail Spam!

For those of you that don’t frequent beauty/nail blogs, the term “spam” means a whole bunch of pictures! Basically pretty pictures, and that’s about it. :-)

I have some pictures of random polishes that either didn’t come out great, or I didn’t take enough pictures to give them their own post, or I didn’t do clean-up very well, etc. You get it.

ChG Frostbite with ChG 2030 Konad (5)China Glaze Frostbite w/ Konad

Fail. Oh my this wasn’t very good. I’m not a terrific Konader, as you can see. This was China Glaze Frostbite with a gold paisley konad on top. I did this for Super Bowl Sunday, using one color from each team. The gold ended up looking rather silver, yet I was really rooting for the Saints.

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Nails: Lippmann Pump Up the Jam w/ OPI Pearl of Wisdom

I had my “Valentine’s Day” mani on for several days before my birthday. So by the time we were going to go out for dinner, the mani was tired. I had to change. Fortunately my wonderful mother sent me Lippmann Happy Birthday and Pump Up the Jam for my birthday, so I had something to change into :-) Unfortunately, Pump Up the Jam was very dark…nearly black looking in the shade, and the sun was setting for the evening. So I improvised, and reached for one of my new bottles: OPI Pearl of Wisdom. I had seen it be beautiful over black, so I thought hey, let’s try. And I’m glad I did.

Pump Up Jam with Pearl of Wisdom (3)

Pearl of Wisdom actually brought out the purple color more and made it glow.

Pump Up Jam with Pearl of Wisdom (5)

Haha, see the kitty hair? I think I’ll show you a bonus kitteh picture now! :-) Then you can look at the rest of the pictures, ok? :-)

DSCN1439My babies! Zorah and Zeus

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NOTD: OPI Absolutely Alice

Here is another “Go Bruins” color for you! It’s a fabulous glitter of mostly blue with a hint of gold. It really rocked my world for a couple of days. The sparkle is crazy beautiful! Absolutely Alice is a color from the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection that came out early this year in honor of Tim Burton’s remake of the Disney classic. I did go see the movie, and I actually really enjoyed it. I think there was even a line that said “absolutely Alice” in there somewhere. Two coats of this and it dried so nicely! I did put a top coat on it, and it made it a pretty smooth (not like a creme or anything), but not too gritty. The texture really doesn’t bother me either way though.

OPI Absolutely Alice (2)

This is such a gorgeous jewel tone blue. I seriously love it – and the gold is sparse, which gives it dimension more than anything. This one was with a flash, and the one below was in the sun. You can really see the gold in the bottle; it does transfer onto the nail the same, but the sun kinda washes it out in the picture.

OPI Absolutely Alice (18)

OPI Absolutely Alice (11)

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NOTD: OPI Reflecting Pool

I almost feel kinda bad showing you this color. It was a European exclusive, and I don’t know if it’s even available there anymore. I got this bottle off of ebay with birthday money from my in-laws :-) (yes, it was a little pricey). It almost reminds me of a pastel version of Absolutely Alice (which I have also to post, and maybe I’ll do that tomorrow). There are pastel blue and gold shimmer sparkles. Yay – Bruin colors!

OPI Reflecting Pool (2)

OPI Reflecting Pool (4)

I don’t know if it was the formula or what, but this wore like iron on me. I eventually had to take it off and change to another color even though there were little to no chips. It’s an amazing polish!

OPI Reflecting Pool (15)

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NOTD: OPI DS Glamour

First, I want to welcome any new followers or anyone new to my blog! WELCOME!! I’ve had this for about a year and a half, but over the past 9 months or so I’ve been a little MIA because of my masters program. That is now DONE! So the posts and swatches will be flowing now! :-) When I get to big numbers of followers, I’ll do give-aways too! So stay tuned!

Ok, so if you know me, you know that my favorite types of polishes are: #1. Duochromes, #2. Holos, and #3. Flakies. I am a complete girly girl – I love anything that sparkles and shimmers!!! However, I do not discriminate – I love shimmers and can get mesmerized by a good creme too. Of course, those are not all of the finishes out there…glitters, sheers, jellies (love), metallics, foils, pearls, frosts, and then some. Today’s post is a holo.

OPI DS Glamour (5)

This is two coats of OPI DS Glamour with a top coat. Back then when I did his mani, I used Seche Vite (SV), which I realized caused major shrinkage! It looks like I have tip wear, but I don’t! The blue holo in this one is to die for – it’s like royal blue with rainbows! It’s so blue, it’s nearly blurple. I seriously love this color! C’mon, you know you want to see a few more pics!!  Read the rest of this entry »


NOTD & KOTD: OPI Jade is the New Black

From the OPI Hong Kong collection comes one of the best colors: Jade is the New Black. It’s a dusty green creme which is stunning on.

OPI Jade is the New Black (3)

This is two coats, but it would have even been ok with one thick one.

OPI Jade is the New Black (5)

Then after a day or two, I wanted to make it even better, so I added a Konad to it. I used Nubar Reclaim which is a green holo. So it’s a subtle Konad, but I really liked how it turned out!

JitNB with Reclaim Konad (2)

JitNB with Reclaim Konad (4)

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