Nails: Orly Royal Navy

Have you ever liked a polish more in the bottle than on your nail? Me too. This was one of those kinds of polishes. It’s not that I didn’t like it in my nails…it was just brighter than I thought it was going to be. It’s still super pretty though. I wore this when I was in Costa Rica, so the sun made it look very pretty!

It’s a royal blue with turquoise shimmer. It seems to glow, doesn’t it? The nail line was not visible in real life. This is 2 coats.

Looking at pictures makes me like it a lot, but I remember not loving it when I was wearing it. It’s still nice though, and I can think of several great polishes that I could layer over it. Maybe I’ll try to Konad with it sometime. What do you think of bright blue polishes?

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Nails: My First Chevron Attempt

And it is admittedly a pretty crap-tastic attempt. In my mind, it looked cooler than it did in real life. I may have to try another combination with the chevron. But the combination of the thick goopy matte polish with the tip wear, and unevenness really irritates me. Sorry guys…this one was a fail.

Nothing else much to say…

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Nails: Orly Star of Bombay w/ Hidden Treasure

I originally bought Orly Star of Bombay because it looked like it would be a navy blue jelly. Nope. I could tell after the first coat that it wasn’t. Oh well. It’s a really dark navy blue. I was disappointed, so I didn’t take much care in the application…sorry about the messiness.

Since I was bored with it by itself, I added a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure to spice it up. In person, it looked JUST like a black topped with HT, which I like, but the navy color gets washed out. It comes out more in pictures though.

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