Nails: RBL Concrete Jungle

One of my favorite nail brands, Rescue Beauty Lounge, is about to come out with a new set of fall colors based on 4 of the wives of Henry VIII. What a great idea, right? I think it’s really unique. RBL makes great colors with perfect formulations. This is their signature gray color: Concrete Jungle. Two coats and it was perfectly opaque.

Grays are very popular right now. Do you like gray nail polish? I think it’s very neutral-chic.

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NOTD: RBL Teal w/ Pure Ice Heartbreaker

Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) is an amazing nail polish company. I bought all of the ones I have online, and most during a sale. They’re not cheap, but on first application, it’s easy to see why. They are of incredible quality, pigment, and I really love their bottles. Teal (yep, that’s the name) is a straight up creme, and it is an incredibly dark turquoise color. It’s a one-coater, but I did two for good measure. Before I could even take a picture, I slapped Pure Ice Heartbreaker (found at Wal-Mart) over it to see it shimmer away! As you can see, Heartbreaker added a lot of green to the mani, and of course lovely shimmer.

Pure Ice Heartbreaker over RBL Teal (2)

It sparkles and shimmers in the sun. So beautiful!!!  But without the direct light, you can see the deep blue of the RBL Teal showing through the shimmer.

Pure Ice Heartbreaker over RBL Teal (5)

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