Nails: Orly Star of Bombay w/ Hidden Treasure

I originally bought Orly Star of Bombay because it looked like it would be a navy blue jelly. Nope. I could tell after the first coat that it wasn’t. Oh well. It’s a really dark navy blue. I was disappointed, so I didn’t take much care in the application…sorry about the messiness.

Since I was bored with it by itself, I added a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure to spice it up. In person, it looked JUST like a black topped with HT, which I like, but the navy color gets washed out. It comes out more in pictures though.

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Nails: Nubar Midnight Glory w/ Hidden Treasure

Well, this did not come out even close to what I had hoped. I wore this the day we went to Disneyland, but as you can see, even in the sunlight, Hidden Treasure does not come out at all. Maybe it helps the pink undertone of Midnight Glory to shine a little brighter, but that’s it. Le sigh.

I mean, it’s pretty and all, but it just comes off looking kinda bumpy. Meh. Read the rest of this entry »


NOTD: Misa It’s Electric w/ Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen (mostly found at Walgreens and Walmart right now), really is a treasure. It makes lots of polishes come alive in a completely different way. It’s considered a “flakey” with flake pieces. This polish is a clear base, so it’s great over any color.

Misa It's Electric with Hidden Treasure (8)

I’m holding Misa It’s Electric, and I used two coats of that as a base color. On top is one thick coat of Hidden Treasure. Isn’t it neat?! Like a rainbow in a bottle! These pictures were taken in the shade, where I think it shows its greatest colors. I also took these pictures *right* after I finished taking my 4-hour comprehensive exam for my MA. I got official notice this past Monday that I passed! Yay! Time to celebrate!!

Misa It's Electric with Hidden Treasure (7)

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