Nails & Konad: Nubar Petunia Sparkle

This is Nubar Petunia Sparkle. Pinkish purple glittery sparkly goodness! It’s an amazing color…

…that could only be made better with Konad!!!

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NOTD & KOTD: OPI Jade is the New Black

From the OPI Hong Kong collection comes one of the best colors: Jade is the New Black. It’s a dusty green creme which is stunning on.

OPI Jade is the New Black (3)

This is two coats, but it would have even been ok with one thick one.

OPI Jade is the New Black (5)

Then after a day or two, I wanted to make it even better, so I added a Konad to it. I used Nubar Reclaim which is a green holo. So it’s a subtle Konad, but I really liked how it turned out!

JitNB with Reclaim Konad (2)

JitNB with Reclaim Konad (4)

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NOTD: Easter/Spring Mani!

Yes this is a late post as well. But I found out that the ladies in the counseling office at my school were talking some smack about how I haven’t posted lately. ;-P Haha, actually I was really happy they read my blog, and it got me off my lazy butt to post some more. Then some of our friends came over and mentioned how it’s been so long since I posted…I’m kinda shocked people are reading – why don’t you comment people?! :-)

So this post is for all of the fantastic, wonderful, helpful ladies (gents too perhaps) in the Counseling Office at Edison Middle School!

Easter Mani - Skittle Pastels (2)

I don’t actually celebrate Easter, but I used to as a kid because I grew up in a Presbyterian dominant home. On Easter Sunday, Jason and I went to my in-laws for Passover Seder actually. Anyway, these are some awesome pastels that I did a “skittles” mani with. We use the term skittles when you do each nail a different color. Then I stamped the nails with a medium gray Nubar color called Stronghold and a Konad plate. If you don’t know what Konad is – do a google search or look it up on Youtube to see some great tutorials. It’s really easy and so cute!

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Nails: Patriotic for 4th of July

Here’s my 4th of July Konadicure. It’s pretty simple, and not perfect by any means. I am awe-inspired by some of my favorite nail bloggers: Scrangie, All-Laquered Up, Steph’s Closet, and NailPhile. But I had about 30 min before I wanted to go to bed, and this is what I came up with. Happy 4th of July!!!



I used OPI Bride’s Bouquet as a base color (3 coats for opacity) and Konad Plate m3 with Konad red and blue special polish.

What was your 4th of July manicure/pedicure??


Nails: Color Club Pure Energy with Konad

This is Color Club Pure Energy polish (3 coats) and some butterfly Konad stamps from plate M36. The color is amazingly bright and beautiful!!




Nails: MAC Mercenary with Konad

MAC Mercenary nail polish with Silver Konad Special Polish and plate M50. I went with an animal print in honor of Style Warriors. The flash makes it a little hard to see, but hopefully you get the drift!




Nails: Pink with Bow Ties Konadicure

For this week’s Konadicure, I used Color Club’s Electro Candy as a base and Konad plate M56 with black pearl Konad special polish. While I was in Hawaii, I went shopping with my mom and we came across a kiosk that sold Konad stuff!! I was soooo excited that we spent probably an hour there talking to the nicest lady: Deborah Campbell, owner of Island Nail & Body Art in Kapaa, HI. She has authentic stuff, and will match any online deal including things like free shipping over $20 and 20% off etc. She also offers an additional 10% off to special customers. Besides giving us special deals, she was super nice and very informative. If you’ve been looking to order Konad stuff, I definitely encourage you to check her out or send her an email!



Nails: Hawaii Konadicure

I bought Konad plate M29 with lots of Hawaiian stamps on it. Yep, specifically for my trip to Hawaii because when else would I really wear it, right? Good thing I remembered 1. to take it with me, and 2. to actually use it while I was there. I only stamped a few nails with the key symbols, but it came out cute enough…worth sharing. :-) This is Essie Sag Harbor with Konad special white polish.



Nail Look: Nubar Indigo Illusion w/ Konad

I’ve been so into nail stuff lately! Like you can’t tell right – almost all of my links are nail sites! Their nails just fascinate me. My nails are short by nature, and about a month or two ago I took my fake nails off, so they’re only about half way grown out. My nails are very soft – they bend and break very easily. Anyway, I painted my nails with Nubar Indigo Illusion (3 coats) which is an incredibly beautiful blue/green/red duochrome. It’s not one of those in-your-face blue colors which I like. The picture washes out my skin and makes the polish look a little brighter than it should. Then I decided to try this Konad stamping thing… I watched a few tutorials on youtube and did the best I could. My local beauty supply store had some plates and special nail polishes (to my surprise!) so I decided to check them out. I used the Konad white special nail polish.


I do my nails like once every 3 days so if I have something that comes out particularly nice or pretty, then I’ll post it, but this won’t be a regular thing :-) I encourage you to visit some of those sites over in my links too! If you’re interested in checking out Konad plates – Scrangie has a coupon code for 20% off plus free shipping over $20 (she’s seriously nail talented!). It’s surprisingly easy to do – this was only my second attempt!

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