Swatches & Review: High Voltage Lip Whips

High Voltage Cosmetics makes more than just eyeshadows. These are lip whips: very opaque glosses in a squeeze tube. They have a slight mint scent and are non-sticky. I love that a little bit goes a long way with these – you really have to apply them with a lip brush (especially the darker shades). The colors are gorgeous and the formula is so silky smooth. Sadly, her ingredient supplier has discontinued some of the key ingredients in these, so Jasmine will be phasing these out. But not to worry! She has several left, and she is always creating new things that I cannot wait to try. Ok, on to the swatches! (Sorry for the messy towel background…that was my swatching towel, and some pigments got on it.)

Top Row: Talk Talk, Slow Jam, Life of the Party
Bottom Row: Little Misfit, Kashmir, Sour Candy

Top Row: Talk Talk, Slow Jam, Life of the Party
Bottom Row: Little Misfit, Kashmir, Sour Candy

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Swatches: Evil Shades

It took a while for me to dive in to Evil Shades cosmetics, but I’m so glad I did. I only ordered eyeshadows, but Evil Shades sells everything from cuticle balm to amazing (and best known for) lip colors. To tell you the truth, these shadows shocked me, in a good way! The jars were a little messy and the stickers on the inside were difficult to peel off, but the shadows themselves are really top notch. Even Devil’s Bonfire which looks to have chunky silver glitter in it…I was expecting it to be, well, chunky and not blendable, but boy was I wrong! Every one of these shadows is incredibly smooth and finely milled. Color me impressed! Seriously. I can’t even pick a favorite. I really love them all. Drakon and Cerberus are so complex and beautiful. Oh, and Dryad, Wonderflower, and Nixies are all amazing too. Andrea, the girl behind the genius of these shadows, has something really great going here. She’s a sweetheart on Twitter, and I first discovered her through the MUA Nail Board. Her nails are to die for beautiful, and she loves polishes too! Woot! Anyway, on to swatches. I cannot wait to use these in some looks too!

Top Row: Drakon, Zombie, Cerberus
Bottom Row: Phyrra’s Fantasy, Moirae, Devil’s Bonfire

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Swatches: High Voltage Inked Collection

Here are swatches of the amazing colors from the High Voltage Inked Collection (er, most of them). I couldn’t order all of them, but I picked my favorites. These colors are complex with multiple dimensions of shimmer. The glitter stands out heavily, and depending on how much they are rubbed in, the color can change slightly. All shadows are swatched using a q-tip over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.

Top Row: Art is Forever, Modified, Old Skool
Bottom Row: Mind & Body, State of Mind, Artistic Expression

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Swatches: Fyrinnae Part II

See Part I here. This is one of my large Fyrinnae orders, and the second one I ever made (which was much more recently). The ones with the black circle lids are full sizes, and the clear ones are minis. I have to say, I really love the jars they have the full sized ones in. They are the only ones I have found that don’t let the pigment leak into the sides, which makes a mess when you open and close them. These stay nice and neat!

Read more for swatches! All of these are swatched with a q-tip over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. I took several pictures in different lighting and different angles of each set of swatches to make sure I captured as much of the depth of the shadows as I could. Any new lemmings? See any you LOVE?? Read the rest of this entry »


Swatches: Fyrinnae Part I

These were my first ever Fyrinnae shadows. I got them several years ago…used a few, then stopped. I recently dug them all out and swatched them. I really didn’t like how they would get everywhere when you opened and closed the lids, but Fyrinnae’s full sized jars take care of that problem. Anyway, on to some swatches, eh?

These are all swatched dry first, then wet using MAC’s water based Mixing Medium.  And, as always, I took lots of pictures in different lighting so you could really see how some of these amazing colors shift (like Sorceress)!  Read the rest of this entry »


Review & Swatches: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Well HELLO gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! This was a much anticipated haul. After seeing some outstanding reviews of this indie brand called Sugarpill, I had to check it out. Oh it is sooooooo flipping worth every penny. Amy, the maker of the brand, is a goddess. Seriously. How did she make these colors?! She’s a super sweetheart and she really stands behind her products (vegan btw). Now I’m a girl who knows her shadows. These go at the top of my list. Best ever. My only complaint is that there aren’t more colors for me to invest in LOL!!

OMG everything about this line is sexy. The boxes are sexy. The website where I ordered it all from is sexy. The packaging is sexy. The names are sexy. The colors….blow. my. mind.

My order came in a beautiful box stamped with the oh-so-cute Sugarpill logo (cute kitteh!).

Everything was wrapped in hot pink paper and there was even a little note hand singed by Amy!

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Review & Swatches: High Voltage Order #1

I mentioned recently that I’ve been into Indie cosmetic companies. What I love most is that I can actually talk to these people on Twitter. I found out about High Voltage Cosmetics from Brian from Makeup by Brian Kelly. She was having a buy 2, get 1 free sale (still going on until the end of October), so I had to try some. I am nothing but impressed!

From the personalized note to the quick response to the beautiful colors – this is a brand I’m instantly in love with. I’ve already placed another order. High quality for a good price…seriously hard to beat! :-)

My order came wrapped in a cute Halloween bag!

A sweet personalized note from the maker of High Voltage cosmetics (Jasmine).

She put tap on the jars to make sure they stayed shut in transit!

Very clearly labeled on the back (and I got a sample of another color in the baggie).

I swatched these colors both dry and wet. Truly amazing!! You HAVE to see the swatches after the jump!  Read the rest of this entry »


Review & Swatches: Kat Von D Eye Palettes

Kat Von D Gypsy Palette (3)

When these first came out, I thought it was kinda gimicky and I don’t usually go out and get stuff from brands I don’t know and trust. After hearing about it by roaming throught the beauty blog world, I caved…and my expectations were low, so WOW did I get blown away!

I’ve actually been putting off this review for a long time because when I think about how much I love these, the words escape me, and I’m not sure how to explain myself. Seriously though, these are fantastic shadows. The colors are rich and pigmented. The texture is soft and powdery (in a good way). The color range is really good too, and I really like how Kat Von D has put thought into them. I only got three (or is that all there is?): Beethoven, Ludwig, and Gypsy. Everything from the artwork on the boxes to the beautiful packaging to the names of the colors reflects her perfectly. She paid attention to detail, and I appreciate that. I don’t think she’s one to sit on the sideline and let others come up with stuff for her to just “approve” (though I don’t know this for certain). The names are recognizable – especially if you watch LA Ink, which I do. I’ve watched her since she was on Miami Ink actually. I’m secretly fascinated by tatoos. I don’t have any, and will most likely (never say never) never get one. Part of it is the artistry – I can blend colors, but I can’t draw worth a darn! I admire the talent of tatoo artists!

There were only two things I didn’t like: one was that one cream Brass Knuckles shadow – the texture sucks on that one; and two: Lucifer is the same color in all 3 palettes, but hey with only one bad color in the 3 palette bunch, I’m still happy. :-) I highly recommend these palettes for eyeshadow lovers.

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Swatches: Chanel Lumier Celeste Collection Glossimers

Lip swatches! Of course I fell in love with all of them! These pictures didn’t capture the glitteriness of them either which bummed me out. Maybe if I wear them with looks or with some lipstick underneath they’ll come out more. Several are very pigmented. Jupiter looks very similar to Red Shine that came out before the holidays. I swatched all of them at once, so some of them are not very perfect at all! Wiping off each one then reapplying made my lips say owie! :-) Hopefully it’s worth it! Enjoy!

chanel-glossimer-swatches-8Top: Mirage, Nebula, Silex, Venus
Bottom: Cosmos, Jupiter, Meteore, Mica

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Review/Swatches: Bobbi Brown Pastel Palette

While doing some online shopping at Neimen Marcus, I had to reach a certain amount for a free gift, so I browsed their exclusives. What a little beauty this was!


The colors are all really pastel, and I haven’t used them yet except for the teal one (second from the left) and I was quite impressed. It has a descent texture and the color came out nice. The palette itself is kinda small, and you only get a little strip of each color, but there are a lot of colors! Seriously, when’s the last time you saw so many colors in one little palette??  At first I didn’t like how they were all packed in there, but I think I actually appreciate that they didn’t waste space on dividers. I can use the 239 brush or my trusty 213 and get only that specific color very easily. I’m not planning on mixing any of the colors together before they’re on my eyelid :-)

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