Nails: China Glaze For Audrey Pedi

By reading up on my wonderful favorite nail blogs (see links section), I heard about this absolutely to-die-for color called For Audrey by China Glaze. Audrey Hepburn who was in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the inspiration obviously. Turns out that Tiffany’s has a pattent on their signature blueish-greenish color, but this color does come quite close. I still have a Tiffany’s box and felt jewelry holder from when my now husband got me a bracelet and necklace back when we were dating :-) Anyway, I took this color to my nail salon and got a pedicure with it. The guy did a fantastic design that I will surely miss once it starts chipping and I have to take it off. It happens to be  Christine from Temptalia’s favorite nail polish color, so I had to get it! She says she has it on her toes almost all the time.

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Nail Look: Nubar Indigo Illusion w/ Konad

I’ve been so into nail stuff lately! Like you can’t tell right – almost all of my links are nail sites! Their nails just fascinate me. My nails are short by nature, and about a month or two ago I took my fake nails off, so they’re only about half way grown out. My nails are very soft – they bend and break very easily. Anyway, I painted my nails with Nubar Indigo Illusion (3 coats) which is an incredibly beautiful blue/green/red duochrome. It’s not one of those in-your-face blue colors which I like. The picture washes out my skin and makes the polish look a little brighter than it should. Then I decided to try this Konad stamping thing… I watched a few tutorials on youtube and did the best I could. My local beauty supply store had some plates and special nail polishes (to my surprise!) so I decided to check them out. I used the Konad white special nail polish.


I do my nails like once every 3 days so if I have something that comes out particularly nice or pretty, then I’ll post it, but this won’t be a regular thing :-) I encourage you to visit some of those sites over in my links too! If you’re interested in checking out Konad plates – Scrangie has a coupon code for 20% off plus free shipping over $20 (she’s seriously nail talented!). It’s surprisingly easy to do – this was only my second attempt!

One more picture & a close-up to follow…  Read the rest of this entry »

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